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This is a group dedicated to pony-loving scientists. Here you can put all you MLP-Portal crossfics. Just remember, no mature content.

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have you all hear new game call portal stories: mel? try it out with portal/questria girls

394239 Good job at finding great pictures

394232 i find i post. 80% of the pics you see on this page i have pogsted.

:rainbowkiss: so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, if GLaDOS is involved, and it involves ponies… :fluttershbad:

I hope this cake will not be cupcake.

The Enrichment Center welcomes… 7… new… fictions to this group. So, join the party, and there will be… cake.

My thought of my little portal first I'm like :twilightsmile: then I'm like:flutterrage: then last I watched all epesodes saing I want mor episodes with this face:raritydespair:

cool group :pinkiehappy:
but how did my story get here

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