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For the world of Minecrafta! WTF? DON'T ask. DON'T tell. Blue man. This is me in a nutshell.

Story Update.

Tail of Night Shade: chapter 1{} 5%

Dimensional Gap: chapter 1{} 5.8%

My Little Scoots: chapter 1{} 100.0% In the progress of editing and last min writing.


Listing my Oc's. · 1:50am Nov 29th, 2013

Hello all of you and to day I'm Listing all my Oc to date that I have talking to me.
Yes. Yes I know I can just shut them out, but at the same time it makes me Slowbro95.

So here we go: Hello my name is Michael. I was once human but now I'm a pegasus. I am a scientist working in a lab in the Everfree Forest, my wife is Twilight I'll leave the rest to the others. Michael

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Thanks for the fave. I hope you enjoy the story :twilightsmile:

1485123 i talked to he to day actually. Good lad just needs good friends that got his back. (good old Us words there.)


oh man, let him know you'd like to be friends again, trust me, it will mean the world to him if you try to reconnect :eeyup:

1485055 I've been friends with him for a wile and lost contact with him after he got banned. I wish I cud have helped. I also have a sister not by blood so I know how it is. just thought I would follow you because of him.


oh no, he's in Eurpoe, im in the US :derpytongue2:

He was just super down and looking for a friend who would stick by him. He's a good guy so i offered my friendship to him, and we just like to call each other bro :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 293 - 297 of 297
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