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This group is for fics that focuses on a human infant or child somehow ending up in Equestria, and gets adopted by ponies. I find that these stories have a Tarzan charm to them. But they're quite hard to find, so feel free to join; and if you know or find any of these stories ad them immediately, I only have a couple of rules.
Rule #1: This group is for fics where humans get adopted in Equestria, so no "My Little Dashie" knockoffs.
Rule #2: No stories were the human is treated as a pet or slave, adopted means they're family and are treated as equals.

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Are there any stories of Queen Chrysalis adopting a human child?

How about adding a Kirin's folder now? They're officially the new equine-like race recenty introduced in the

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How to go to Equestria Tutorial please?

A human is a different species, that exist in another world. The only way you most likely can adopt one, is if your lucky enough to find one that is a child, and that is homeless

What's a human? And where exactly do you adopt one?

man i wish some of theses storeis were complete they are really good

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hi to every single brony and pegasister in the adopt a human group i may need all of you're help with a story i'm trying to write my story is called a queens revenge basically the story failed to moderate and i need all of your help to get it right please i'm new here in fimfiction and please try to help a dragonborn out and show me how to get it right i just gotten a first warning in the story and i don't want it to be band please try to help a dragonborn out

Everone on this form I need help I need to know the name of the author of a fic calld A lunar savior he or she had it on here but its gone and I Don't know there name to find out what happen? Can you guys help out

hi! I am doing a new type of fanfiction. I am spreading myself from others who do these types who makes the Hero adopt them. I am going to make a Fanfiction where Queen Chrysalis adopts a human child named Michael. I need a cover art. My story is called Her Love Warrior.

The cover art I was hoping for was Queen Chrysalis to be cuddling next to Michael with her horn glowing to illuminate the darkness, maybe her hoove wrapped around his tummy pulling him close to her or maybe a wing wrapped around him.

Michael I need to look like is Blonde hair, small form, bare feet, white t-shirt and brown shorts, blue eyes.


Haha It fit well ^^


I wrote a story about Celestia adopting a human but when I started the fic I really wanted to pick Nightmare Moon as the mother.

401929 Well of coarse, your story was the very 1st human adoption fic I read on this site, and it's a good cover to:rainbowkiss:

Well I'm surprised to see my picture here :D

There should totally for the first time be a scenario where Queen Chrysalis adopts a human child, or maybe Nightmare Moon adopts a human child. Villains need love too!

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394791 hello again. Seems I am following you :rainbowlaugh:

If any pony would like to adopt me I though I should let them know, I'm house trained.

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