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I've see a lot of Mother Celestia fics were she adopts Twilight or has a foal of her own but what about Luna? She has love to give to some lucky filly of colt. So I made this group to try and help find more Mother Luna fics.

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can we get love, in all ist forms add to this group ?

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nice but I think a pregnant luna banner would fit the group a little better as there would be no one foal involved

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Just started working on a story called "The lost princess" About Luna's daughter. It would fit perfectly into the timeline of equestria.

what are you talking about?

Help is on it's way

370084 That is a good idea and a cute one too

If someone could ceat a banner for this group that would be great.

I was thinking something along the lines of a baby twilight curled up with Luna.

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363733 *tries to smile* Heh, thanks... :pinkiesad2:

363732 its ok it was nice talking to you bye and here is a mustache to cheer you up :moustache:

363725 ... but the loneliness hurts really bad... being 16 sucks... :fluttercry:

363722 There is nothing wrong with not getting married I know happy people that are not.


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*sigh* But my girlfriend broke up with me today... so I'm not sure how long it'd be until I feel like writing again... :fluttercry:

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