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This group is all about our favourite ponies becoming mothers whether it be giving birth or adopting.

Stories go in ten folders including the Main 6, Others, the two most popular motherships (<funny wordplay FTW) Twilight & Celestia and Twilight & Spike, and a glimpse before the actual mothershipping; Pregnancy.

Clopfics are NOT allowed in any folder other then Pregnancy, and even then the story has to mostly be about the pregnancy and can have light clop. For example stories like Preggity are not allowed.

Please place the stories in their correct folders (that means the Character Folders are when they are mothers, not them and their mothers)

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Would this story count to be in here somewhere :This story, right here

Sorry if this should be the wrong place to ask, but I would like some help to find a few good, and long adoption storys, that are either finished, or are still getting new chapters. I would look for myself, but right now I have no time, and I fear that half of the storys in this group, are probably very old, and abandoned.
It happened often enough, that I just found a new fanfictions, that ws abandoned, and way to old.
However, I could use some nice Mother and child bonding time.

Question... Could I put up a thread with an OC I want to see in a fanfic as a/the child? I have almost NO authoring brains, it's all gaming and math.

Touching.. touching comic..

307704 :pinkiegasp: that's adorable :pinkiesad2:
ps the : pinkie sad 2 : , is a tears of joy. : pinkie sad 2 :

That comic with spike at the top and twilight is absolutly beautiful. I look forward to making a story for here.

Just a quick question guys....I really like this group who have a lot of histoy wih impregnation and their procces, but also have some +18 stories, I think was call "MLP Impregnation " or somethig, i now is stupid display my fetish here, but I relly like this story with gilda being a single mom....but I just canĀ“t find it here....So have you seen my shameless group?

This is by far one of the most creative groups that I would've never thought actually existed.:rainbowderp:
And the comic meme thing at the top is just too adorable. :rainbowkiss:

dose any one know a good human rebirthed as pony story. If so let me know

I was wondering, I have an idea for a story. The story will involve Celestia and Luna before they were princesses and a little bit after, it will be about their adoptive mother and how much she had loved the two of them and how she impacts both of their lives, even a thousand years after she's gone.
would that be acceptable here?

I'm just wondering if my story Falling Backwards or it's sequel Flying Forward would be accepted here?

Happy Mothers Day Everypony!!!

Awwww so cute Spikey Wikey!!!

This group is adorable. I love the prospect of ponies growing up and having families.:raritystarry::heart::rainbowkiss:

I have a story (This one) which has a mother as a central point late in the fic but isn't really brought up. Would it be acceptable here?

353236 I think 50000 but the more the better.

352820 How many signatures are needed exactly?

Remember SOPA?
Well, it's happening again. We have 6 days to get over 50,000 signatures to stop it. AGAIN.
Tell other people.

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