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Welcome all to Children of Equestria. A group dedicated to stories that contain children, foals, fillies, or colts as the main character or a heavy focus of them. Most stories are welcome but there are a few rules:

1. No Sex ( Seriously NO FOALCON )
2. No Humanized Ponies ( Humans in Equestria are still allowed ) in addition ponies turning into humans are allowed so long as they become human and are not the anthro pony creatures found in the Equestria Girls movies. THIS MEANS NO ANTHRO PONIES!"
3. If a character is mentally a certain species like a human and that human is a child then place the story there ( regardless of what new species they are in the story). If that character is mentally an adult but in the story they turn into something else, ( like a pony or a dragon ) then place that story in the folder that has a label of their new species.
4. Nothing M-Rated is allowed anymore.

And that is about it. As long as a story contains anything from a pony child to a dragon one with a focus on them, then it should be placed in our group!

Admin: Cold Spike

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anthro pony creatures found in the Equestria Girls movies

Wait a second... in Equestria Girls we actually have humans. They are just humans, different skin color is far to less to call it anthro... especially that EG universe is quite good to write in it.
Though I'm for "no anthro" rule. But not when it isn't about real anthro.
For example I wonder if story written by my friend Midday Shine
- Secrets and Surprises - which is mainly about Sweetie Belle and vice-principal Luna (or "Miss Detention":pinkiecrazy:) and results of their accidental meeting...

Also I wonder... I didn't have any story on fimfiction yet, but not because I didn't write any... I’m just not english native-speaker and love my country and language(Polish)... so I write my stories in it. Though I thought already of translating it someday...

I like to write child characters actually, and some of my stories focus on them but... well there are few thing which I wonder about future adding them to this group.
For example when I have kind of anthology of short stories (like drabbles) in which just some of them focus on child (to be exact little Twilight)
Or other, much complex example… story in which Sunset - as little about 4 years old filly appear in human world, without any memory, and is adopted by pair of teenegers… who become her parents. Of course they have also other problems (some very unusual), but Sunset is here the main character (after all the title of the story is "Our Little Sunset")... yes, the story is inspired by My Little Dashie, though with much different aproach, first of all it’s not oneshot. I wanted to "solemize" this how the bond between Sunset and her new parents is forged, their new life… because even though some threads aren’t connected with Sunset her presence in their life of course influence it in some way…
Though the story will go (its original - Polish - version is still far from finishing) further to the point when Sunset becomes an adult… but Jeremie and Aelita (that are names of her new parents - and yes, the ones from Code Lyoko) will of course have also some biological children…
Would such story count? And to what folder I should put it? (When I’ll publish it on fimfiction that is). I mean Sunset is a pony her, but it's also about humans and later on humans childs also, and Sunset was actually an orphan there...

I am good at writing stories in a child's point of view because I'm a child myself!

317553 Hey do you like the darkness?

Because adorable things are the hardest to find
Like my cat.

How on Earth had I not heard of this group until now? :facehoof:


I think the rule means "Don't portray sex in your story", not "don't mention sex at all".

Not really you only need time and inspiraion and in my case spare imagination:derpytongue2:

I joined, and planned to post my story before I saw the no sex rule. My story is 100% not a clopfic, but mentions sex due to pregnancy. I don't know how that even works, I don't even think I mentioned the word. Story about Derpy and Dinky?

Thanks for adding my story Celestia's TIny Student to this group.

This story is edited, so I wish everyone to have fun while reading it ( especially chapter 5 and bonus chapter after chapter 5, tiny Twilight making book fort ).

Wish you all a lot of D'awww

Thanks for adding my story The Lost One.If anyone has a good idea for the cover art, let me know.

Thanks for adding my story, "Through The Eyes of Innocence"! :pinkiehappy:

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I love writing for kids :rainbowwild: 308722

Hah, I just realized SoC was featured in this group. Figured I may as well join. Writing children characters can be both really fun, and extremely hard. :twilightsmile:

How to write it or how to get a proofreader? Writing part is easy you just keep writing, if you get a bunch of backlash or down votes ASK for constructive criticism ASK ASK ASK. 302921

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