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Christian Furry, added Friendship is Magic to my circle of interests after reading "Half the Day is Night".


"Quarantine Period, Part 4: The Case of Twilight Sparkle Versus Ponyville" Posted · 2:15am Jul 9th, 2015

Yep, it has been a loooong time in coming, but I finally finished the dratted thing. Some of the slow-down was due to my being nervous about my ability to write a fight scene (I think I actually managed it pretty well), some due to depression, and some due to other interests taking center stage in my life for a while. I never gave up on working on this though.

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Thanks for the fave.

Thank you for taking an interest in "'Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!'". However, don't leave any comments under it that are in any way about or related to christian morals, such as you did under this story in your comments here and here and here.
Furthermore, don't put it into any public bookshelves that judge the story based on it whether it reflects christian morals or not and don't favourite it either unless you remove the aforementioned judgement from the description of your "Favourites" bookshelf.
Any comments about christianity and christian morals related to my story or comments that try to judge the story based on christian morals will be deleted by me.

Thank you for the favorite on Your Faithful Disciple.

  • Viewing 104 - 108 of 108
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