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Every child deserves a chance to live. one child could make all the difference in the world. One life is all it takes to make a better tommorow. where is the justice in taking that life away. taking away something that could very well be the greatest gift to the world. the life of a small, innocent, unknowing child. This group is to spread word of how every life is important, even the unborn life

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I have found my people.

tell me about it.:facehoof::facehoof:

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I agree whole heartily.

Despite what many people say about abortion, it is nothing but murder. People, born and unborn, are made to represent the glorious image and creation of God himself, and to kill of the unborn set to represent the wonderful Lord...

It is monstrously disgusting.

To be blunt, yes.

411187 If using that reasoning then wouldn't that justify the killing of anyone?

Though I am not a Christian, from a Christian perspective, aborting a fetus or baby is the best thing to do for them. The fetus or baby hasn’t yet heard John 3:16, and so is offered a choice when it dies: go to heaven or go to hell. Because humans are self-serving and look for the easy way out, the fetus/baby will choose to go to Heaven, and all will be said and done. Also, the whole “thou shalt not kill” thing is very loosely defined, and ultimately it’s God’s decision as to who goes to Heaven or who goes to hell. If God really is that much of a rules lawyer and believes that every mother that needs an abortion to remain alive, is an ignorant teen mom, or otherwise is financially incapable of keeping the fetus/baby is thus a murderer, then that’s not a God I feel the need to follow. I’d prefer to stay Secular or Atheistic Satanist if someone’s that much of a dick to me.

From the Malthusian, nihilistic perspective, there are too few resources and too many humans on this planet to evenly distribute those resources for an extended period of time beyond 200-300 years. The constant and consistent burning of fossil fuels are using those resources up too fast as well, and the nonrenewable resources may not last as long as the renewable resources. If we are to (again, as Christians would say) save the tree, a few limbs may need to be cut off. There are simply too many people on this planet, and we need to cut down on the population. Moreover, we need to do so sooner rather than later.

You will always be welcome here :pinkiehappy:
Im sorry for what you had to deal with :fluttercry:
But stay strong and you will prevail :pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2:

I've heard people call us pro-life advocates "savage" with our arguments, and I can't say that's not entirely unfair. When it comes to such a moral issue as abortion, it can be hard to remain calm and collected with defending what is right. I learned this the hard way last year when I took up debate club for public speaking practice. I was up against my friend Nathan-- he represented the anti-life argument and I represented the pro-life argument. The more and more research I had to do on abortion, the more disgusted I became with everything, including Nathan himself. Eventually I just broke down into an emotional mess and told him that I had lost all respect and affection that was previously there for him. :ajsleepy: So I lost a friendship over this.

On the day of the debate, I brought up said arguments:

- Life begins at conception, and abortion is preventing a person from living their life as intended.
- A three-month year old child should not be denied the same human rights as older children
- You have no right to end a life that isn't yours, especially if the child is a result of your irresponsibility
-It is against human nature to kill life, especially your own child, since mothers were meant to protect their children

Nathan brought up these arguments:

-"The baby is inside the mother, and therefore gives the mother the right to do what she wants with it"
-"Embreyos are not babies "(This is just denial)
And some other contrived B.S.

I expressed my concern that he was putting a wall of excuses for himself so he wouldn't have to face his human moral compass telling him it was wrong. I told him he was running away from his conscience and building a tower of denial to tell himself it was okay. Upon making my apparently amusing metaphor, the class burst into laughter. I was disgusted with all of them for treating this issue so lightly and I ran away crying. Sometimes it feels like living in a horrible distopia when you're the only prolife advocate in your school community. I'm so glad to have found this group.

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I wish more people could take a stand against this. Even if your not religious, a life is sill a life. Not even science has a the right to say when life turly begins. If it can die, it is alive. And a fetus can die. That's the whole point of an abortion.

Even if it isn't, your preventing a would be person from entering this world. People try an twist by presenting what if cases to make the issue more grey. The truth is, most people getting these abortions are people are more concerned with their own lives.

I've now several adopted people in my life, one of witch was my teacher who was born before RvsW. He is a smart open minded man, who ran a War Hammer 4000k club at my school. Me and him spent an entire class departing the Star Wars prequels. He is an awesome man, who had he been conceived latter, might never have met him.

I will never see this horrid practice as ethical.

Yeah, maybe a chill pill. Otherwise known as pot.


do you think if they had a snickers bar it would have changed things?

No silly, I don't mean the user on here, I mean the real guy. He's probably the greatest political leader to live in terms of effectiveness. However, that's kind of overridden by the fact that he killed all those people and I'm anti-death in general. But Stalin was worse.

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