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Finally getting a pc · 12:57pm January 15th

well i know its odd that i post a blog considering its been a few years but now im finally getting a pc and joining some of the pc gaming had to offer, still have a ps5 tho (way to much $ invested in my whole setup to ever get rid of it) but yeah i will still probably use this site on the phone usually, but i will def finally have the ability to play rdr2 past 30 fps which is really my end goal

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3216842 Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fetish-shame. I didn't know you had a consensual fetish. Anyways, you can create any character you wish and the AI will play the role.

unfortunately im
not into non consensual sorry

3216787 Then I know exactly what you need to boost your creativity:

i might one day attempt to write again and that prompt but my creativity has been lacking for several years now at this point, im more creative in building in Minecraft then i am writing honestly (unless its a sex rp but thats already too much personal info)

3216784 Sorry for pressuring you. I should have known better than to force art.

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