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Finally getting a pc · 12:57pm Jan 15th, 2023

well i know its odd that i post a blog considering its been a few years but now im finally getting a pc and joining some of the pc gaming had to offer, still have a ps5 tho (way to much $ invested in my whole setup to ever get rid of it) but yeah i will still probably use this site on the phone usually, but i will def finally have the ability to play rdr2 past 30 fps which is really my end goal

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Yeah, but it would suggest to me either a decided trolling effort (which would require retaliation AND IM A GROWN FUCKING MAN WITH A LIFE I'm emphatically out of the game) or the site is going in a direction I refuse to even tangentially be a part of

only real reason i come here anyway on the daily

but i like this site to much to fully abandon it

i’m a gold sponsor for christ sake and been on here over a Decade

I also gotta say should that occur without the entire site with it, I think that's my last day on fimfic:applejackunsure:

No prob. Its back, but I dont think it left. I think the site just derped

I appreciate the reach out!

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