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¡Trump murdered 700 of his own followers! · 10:07am Nov 1st, 2020

ßanford-Study indicates that Trumpp-Rallies killed 700 people by infecting them with SARSCoV2, leading to 7000 CoViD19-Deaths:

The Effects of Large Group Meetings on the Spread of COVID-19: The Case of Trump Rallies

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I completely agree. I’m respectful and I subscribe to the idea that labels should be defined by the people that identify with them. I will push back when a Christian tries to define what ‘atheist’ means, but I defer to the Christian when they define what a true Christian is. I’d do the same with a queer person, call them what they want to be called and accept their definition. Labels are only useful if we mean the same thing... if we have different meanings then then labels just get in the way and should be discarded so we can talk about the actual concepts.


I am not PC, just respectful. My point is that , as an outsider looking into the LGBTQ and whatever new letters they use now, that it seems to me that this splitting hairs is kind of absurd. They seem to use way too many letters. It seems to me that something short and inclusive like NCH (Not Cis/Hetero) would be better than eleventeen letters, or¿is it twelveteen now?

Ah, gotcha, lol.

When I first joined this site I only did so for the fics. For one of my favourite fics, the author was a member of one of the Christian groups so I joined on a whim. I got into some good convos and had a great time, so I just sort of expanded from there. So far I’ve only been booted from one group. Recently one of the other users asked me why I only ever post and debate with Christians, I thought it was a good point so I joined some atheist groups too. (Now I’m wondering if there are any Muslim groups on here? 🤔).

Yes I’m a huge fan of Star Trek, and I love that DS9 really nailed how to properly do religious tolerance.

I’m not as PC as you, I call myself a straight white guy and I call the others LGBT. I respect people and if I’m talking to an individual I’ll call them what they want to be called (within reason), but I’m not going to stress about labels too much lol. Where I live there is very little presence of LGBT people, so due to a lack of exposure in RL I am ignorant of the nuances of their titles. If someone wants to correct me then I’ll enthusiastically accept the correction. If they want to get mad at me because I used the wrong term then they aren’t worth my time IMHO.


¡Your Groups!

You are in christian groups. I suppose that they allow nonchristians. I personally do not take the chance.:

I am a cis heterosexual, but have no problems with LGBTQ (I believe that is is the current set of letters*), so tried joining a group for LGBTQ as an ally over half a decade ago. I got chased out because it was for only LGBTQ. Before I left, I suggested that perhaps they should have 2 groups:

They could have 1 group just for LGBTQ where they can be themselves without well-meaning but clueless cis-heterosexuals disrupting and a separate group for allies and LGBTQ which allows everyone.

¿Do the christians mind you joining their groups?

DS9 is a great example about how theists and atheists can coexist in peace. The Bajorans do not even mind that their Emissary is an atheist not believing in their religion.

* Rather than adding a letter every few years, it might be mone efficient to call the community NonSisHeterosexuals (NCH). That way, they would not have to add new letters every few years.

  • Viewing 293 - 297 of 297
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