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How to avoid the 'Rona · 10:50pm February 7th

  • Get fully vaccinated against everything.
  • Get vaccinated and boosted specifically against the 'Rona

Wear proper PPE:

  1. Brace over my both nose and mouth supporting the MaskStack
  2. N-95-Respirator
  3. ClothMask with a pocket with a P.M-2.5-Filter in it.
  4. Surgical Mask
  5. Bracket Compressing the MaskStack down along the edges, thus preventing AirLeak.
  6. Balaklava
  7. Goggles
  8. FaceShield

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You are welcome.

Thanks for the fave.


You are welcome.

It pleases me that you favored Bad Dragon's Short Stories. :moustache:


At least by comparison, you are intelligent and sane.

> " … that one guy with the rabbit avatar in particular … "

We are not supposed to dox ponies or AngelBunnies, but I shall make an exception:

He is Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper IRL:

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