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Sad: A friend of 2 Decades now has totally delusional thinking. · 1:09am October 15th

I have a friend. I have known her for 2 decades. She always had fussy thinking. I tried to teach her skepticism, but she always refused because she did not want to lose the magic in the world. She now believes that the Illuminati who are lizard-people run the world but Trump will save us.

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It pleases me that you favored Forget Love. :twilightsmile:

2648426 I hope you solve it.

And yes, dildo products are well sought after.


Okay. It might make me a while to finish reading it:

I can only squease in a few minutes of reading a day. When I took the challenge “New Horizons”, it took the better part of an year to read the longest HorseStory.

I have a comment in mine head for the Princess of Friendship, but I must check my mathematics. It is nice that you write thinking stories requiring mathematics.

I hope that you business does well.

2648274 It's already polished. I've reread it like 200 times, polishing it every time. Oh, and it's not an alternate reality. I'd like to see it as canon. The things that make you think it's AU are explained.

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