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¡May the 4th be with you! · 8:41pm May 4th

The 4th will be with you —— ¡always!

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your Fav on Kalara! You are the first to notice that tale in a LONG time. Much appreciated the watch too.

Many of my tales take place in an alternate history which I began for the purpose of filling in what appeared to be big holes in the history presented in season 1. Since then, my True History and the Show have diverged massively!
I have a post outlining my canon in my blog. This is it
I hope that you continue to dig through my tales and enjoy them!!


Yes. It needs finishing and editing, but it is good. It has nice theme and variation:

It is basically Batman Returns, but with twists; I get the feeling that after a few years of therapy in Arkham Asylum could fix Fluttershy, but the Penguin is unredeemable —— ¡maybe her therapist can be the Psychiatrist Doctrix Harleen Frances Quinzel Ph.D.!

Okay. So do you like the story itself?


¡No problem!

I put off reading it for an year because it is incomplete, but felt like taking a chance.

I notice that it is raw. We are blind to our own errors because we see what is supposed to be there instead of what we really typed. FiMFiction has many groups of voluntary editors. I recommend using them.

Also, although we see what is supposed to be there, we can often hear our errors if we use Text-To-Speech and listening to your story. It cannot chach homophones like their, there, and they're, but one can catch many error that way.

Behind every great author is a great editor. I recommend finding 1.

  • Viewing 184 - 188 of 188
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