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Inspirations · 4:36am Jul 1st, 2016

So I got stuck writing the last chapter due to wanting to show more scenes of Shiny and Cadance on a normal date but with the complications presented by her being a now well known member of royalty being followed around by Ponyrazzi. Let's see which pieces of research have inspired me the most the past few weeks....

'The Royal We' By Heather Cook

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Twily and Cadance

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I've been hoping you update the Little Child in Equestria story, it's a breath of fresh air to the HIE for me and I really enjoyed reading what you put up so far! :heart:

Hey thanks for adding my story "The Tale of Princess Celestia and Jake", to your favorites. What part of the story did you enjoy the most? Always love the comments and thanks again for your time.

Hi kuromi! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

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