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There goes my hero.


The Paradigm Shift. · 5:31am Sep 26th, 2019

This was bound to happen. I do hate for it to happen, but... such is life.
I won't be continuing Life In Boxes. I don't think I'll ever write anything MLP related again, honestly. Am I going to stop writing? Hardly, but for the moment I have 0 ongoing projects involving writing. I've simply spent too much time with Life In Boxes, and while I do think it's a very good story, it's not at all what I hoped it would be, and it's honestly become bloated.

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My shit; read it.

Shit I read and really enjoyed.

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Giant God bless. God loves you, now, and, forever :pinkiesmile: ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)

So many people still love you.

I can't begin to describe to you the amount of times that I've thought about you this past year you've been away. I've teared up at work and balled my fists, and threw things and had some of the most somber thoughts I've had in awhile. For the first month or so alone I think I mumbled "Oh, James..." about three dozen times or so.

I don't belong here anymore. I had a pit in my stomach even logging back in again after scrounging through notes to find my password.

But I couldn't let the dust collect.

I miss you so much, man. I hope I redeemed myself; I took a whole group of coworkers out shooting about an hour or so away from here. A lot of first timers. Taught them the basics and we all had a wonderful time. I really think you would have loved them all. The Garand shoots gorgeously, James. Rather, I guess "James" shoots gorgeously, haha. I wish you could have been able to fire it, too.

A long while, I wracked my brain around deciding what to do. I really wanted to finish that fic we brainstormed together. Remember it? With Octavia and her "Scoltish" (my favourite addition, from you!) cousin messing about Ponyville. I thought it would have been poetic to make it my last fanfiction. Maybe a bit foolish, considering it ended with a funeral. But the words never came. It's still barely started, and actually untouched from all those years ago. I wish I could have written it. A final send off, I guess.

I wish, I wish, I wish. It's a lot of those, I think. I wish I could do anything to carry on your legacy and the massive fucking hole in my heart.

Today was my last day at work. I start a new one soon. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf in life; I hope that, at the very least, that's something I can do to make you proud.

I miss you James. And I love you, too.


It's harder without you. Miss ya.

A year, now.

Wish you were here, man. Would have loved to have you around during this bastard of a year its been. Miss you always.

You’re still missed, by more than me. There’s so much that could have been.

I would have loved to have you on our Minecraft server, there’s been some dishonorable foul play that I’m sure you would’ve put a stop to quickly. I’m curious what kind of house you would have built.

It's not right, man. It's not right. You were robbed. Fuck. I'm always missing you.

You're the best of us. It's really my hope to one day be as good a man as you.

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