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There goes my hero.


The Paradigm Shift. · 5:31am Sep 26th, 2019

This was bound to happen. I do hate for it to happen, but... such is life.
I won't be continuing Life In Boxes. I don't think I'll ever write anything MLP related again, honestly. Am I going to stop writing? Hardly, but for the moment I have 0 ongoing projects involving writing. I've simply spent too much time with Life In Boxes, and while I do think it's a very good story, it's not at all what I hoped it would be, and it's honestly become bloated.

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My shit; read it.

Shit I read and really enjoyed.

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I miss it. Things haven't been the same. Hope you're resting good, pal.

I can't believe it's been 4 months. I really fucking miss you, Coffee.

Your charm, positive attitude, and devil may care outlook is sorely missed right now.

Watch over me Coffee, I could use of your mojo right now.

Hope you've finally got around to learning how to fly. Missing you every day.

Hey man

EQD scouted one of your fics—the Past Saw the Future. I know you weren't much for recognition or spotlight, but that must feel pretty good. Wish you could've seen it.

Love you bunches.

Every day.

A day doesn't pass without missing you.

yuh #75 · April 23rd · · ·

We didn't have much time together, but I'll miss you James, our time together was well spent, and I will never forget it, and hold it in high reguards. Rest easy my friend.

I never read your stuff. Hell, I don't even think I have heard of you until now.

But I will, because I have.

Rest in peace, dude.

Kyrie eleison and Godspeed, CoffeeBean.

  • Viewing 74 - 83 of 83
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