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I'm going to raise our son right, Karen. He's not going to be some sun-worshipping heathen like your father.


Chapter 9; Mercy, is published. · 8:01pm January 5th

This one ended up going a lot quicker than I expected, which is nice! Chapter 10 is already underway, and is progressing quickly. I'm back in the groove of writing, so hopefully updates will become more regular!

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My shit; read it.

Shit I read and really enjoyed.

daily reminder to watch your trigger discipline

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Thank you very much for the follow, dude! <3

Thanks, I change it like every week

That avatar and that page quote....My sides are in orbit.

local gun nut; voted most likely to have sexual relations with one of his firearms

it's so true!

I'm flattered, honestly. I've been wanting to write something non-pony for a while now. One day, I suppose.
Also, I'm so glad you liked 'My Only Sunshine'! I poured my being into that story, and I'm so glad it paid off!
If you'd like to read more stuff, and just be a cool dude, follow my page! You'll know when I publish new stuff, which will be soon, btw.
also like my only sunshine, it helps its rank.

Your quite the writer I must say
Your "my only sunshine" one can attest to it
I bet you'd make for a great novelist

it was my pleasure.

Your bio is great

  • Viewing 32 - 41 of 41
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