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This is a group for Discord fans, and any fanfiction that involves Discord. We can have a little fun now, and then. Because a group for just fanfictions is just BOOORING! So go ahead, join, and soak in all the Discord glory! Discord FTW people!


1: Any fanfiction published in this group, must have something to do with Discord.

2: We are a respectful race ... Be nice

3:Be yourselves, not to much yourselves though. xD

And finally 4: Worship Discord!

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what do you think of the concept of the story
dragonlord Ember finds a secret bunker under a mountain thay have no idea what's in it so they contact Princess Celestia for help obviously she sends Princess Twilight Sparkle former element of magic

The ponies in the pods are Twilight and her friends from the future flash / past Some ho her and friends get sent to the Past. She discovers there's is a Different civilization exist. A bipedal species walk on two legs hardly any fur where is closing all the time. she has no idea what they are. It is before r Equestria Girl Ark.

Little to none ambient magic in the air Just enough to do what they need to do.

It will be a sad ending yes. But at least the human race will not be forgotten.
what do you think about Discord being a former human he discover a relic older than time itself it turned him into what he is now.
Discord sent them into the past so he isn't the only one that remembers the human race.
the human that ends up helping Twilight and her friends get home is human Discord himself
yes it means Discord knew he was going to lose in the end but didn't care keep purposely lost.because he knew friendship is magic

And this weird girl is again joining a Discord group, of course! All hail Discord, handsome God of Chaos! :heart:

Hey People! We haven't had much action in here lately, so ... I'm asking of one thing only. Spread the word! We need more people in this group. I hope you guys are able to do this. There's only six people in this group so come on! :yay:

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