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Welcome to the group!
This group is about Celestia and Luna! You can ship or just have them as sisters! Whatever you want! As long as it's about Celestia and Luna! :twilightsmile:

- Your story must be about Celestia or Luna to post it.

- No hating other pony's stories, just because you hate Luna or Celestia.

- The threads must be about Celestia or Luna.

- Nice comments.

-If their is any mean people, tell me right away. >> The Pony of Darkness

Have fun with Celestia and Luna! :twilightsheepish:

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Is it an acceptable story if Luna and Celestia are main characters in it, even if it's not focused entirely around them?

If Celestia is a banana then what is Luna? A strawberry???:trollestia: Oops Tia's mad!!!!

409648 Okay. Thank you very much for the information!:twilightsmile:

Hi there! First group post, so pardon if I'm not doing this right--

I just added my own fic to the list, called "For the Good of Equestria: Shine On." I just barely started posting it (It's already all written and mostly revised) , but it focuses primarily on Celestia and Luna's relationship, and them struggling with their newfound immortality, etc.

I've gotten some great feedback from my prereaders, so you should go check it out!

409599 Yes!! She did this than that, Well maybe not but you better watch her!!!

409595 Hahahahh. :twilightsmile: Do you have any proof? :twilightsheepish:

i'm brilliant aren't i

I'm in. I'll to tolerate Celestia.

Comment posted by Moon loving Changeling deleted Apr 25th, 2016

"-If their is any mean people, tell me right away. >> The Pony of Darkness" Fracturedheart is mean!!!!

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