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General Alduin

Joined the site just when the show ended. Funny how things work.

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  • 48 weeks
    (Mostly) Finished my book!

    Hey everyone, just making a non mlp related blog. Just really wanted to tell people.

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  • 54 weeks
    Scribble Productions in jeapordy

    Hey everyone. Recently, it came to my attention from SonicFan05s news blog that Scribbler Productions channel is threatened with deletion. Scribble Productions is a brony youtuber known for her audio dramas and dramatic readings of mlp fanfictions.

    Spread the word however you can and contact YouTube so they handle this situation properly.

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  • 54 weeks
    New chapter up

    Hey everyone.

    After a small eternity, I updated In the Wake of Anon-A-Miss.

    Sorry it took so long, but at least the stories moving forward.

    Sorry if the chapter isn't great, you deserve a lot better after waiting for so long.

    Regardless, I can't say for certain if this means my update schedule will get back to normal, but it's a start.

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  • 71 weeks
    Happy (late) anniverary+update

    Hey everyone, sorry for being inactive for a long time, I just wanted to say happy late anniversary to In The Wake of Anon-A-Miss.

    I can't believe it's already been a year, it just flew by didn't it? I also can't believe just how much attention the story's gotten, I hadn't imagined it'd be this successful in only a year nor that my first story would immediately be featured on the main page.

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  • 77 weeks
    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween my freaks! Hope your Halloween is full of candy and fright!

    I myself am working and won't be off until like 9ish, but I already did something last night. I also have tomorrow off so maybe I could do something tonight.

    Anyway, I did plan on writing an EG Halloween story set in the same continuity as ITWOA, but I ran out of time so I guess I'll have to wrote it next year.

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(Mostly) Finished my book! · 4:01pm May 21st, 2023

Hey everyone, just making a non mlp related blog. Just really wanted to tell people.

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Thank you so much for following me! It's an honor! :twilightsmile:

Congrats on the feature!

(Salute) General.

Thanks for adding one of my stories to your favorites! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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