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Welcome! I'm Nailah (Snow Heart) and this is our mansion. Here, you'll find a lovely group of individuals who are here to help provide insight and feedback for your stories. Well, in short words, REVIEWS. Yes, that's right, reviews...for YOU!

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Hi there just joined and submitted a story for review, my first time doing so, so let me know if I did something wrong.

I just want my story 'Fusion Life' to be looked at by a professional reviewer.

Hi, I'm new here. I have a story I would like proof-read, but I'm not entirely sure how this works. :fluttercry: I could really use some help, if someone doesn't mind. :twilightblush:

I got a question how do you ask someone to review your story here? I have a story that I want to be reviewed with 4 chapters in. It is just a fan series that I made for Gen 5.

I am not sure either. I don’t see why this is an issue. Some people find it fun to write a story for comments. First time I have heard of such a thing. As long a you are having fun, I don’t see why it is the issue. Maybe they just like talking to people and want to better themselves.

Check the rules thread. If didn't get an answer, join the discord and ask an admin.

Are there any rules regarding incomplete fics?

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I greet everyone on behalf of Russian fans, writers and readers!

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Well, I guess I'm here now.

Was talking about the banner, yes.

If you're talking about the banners, thank you! If you mean the group icon and background banner, thank Google Images! :rainbowlaugh:

Thank Lumi for her awesome link banners haha :rainbowwild:

That's alright! We're all new to fanfiction at some point :twilightsmile: If you have any questions, you're free to ask!

Nailah, this looks fantastic! Props, it’s much profesh. *gives headpat*

Ok, I thought it was something else entirely. I’m a little new to writing fanfiction (creative writing in general to be honest almost everything I write is academic in nature.) I started my first and so far only story last December and am a little unfamiliar with a lot of the terms.

A comment-driven story, in essence, is exactly what it sounds like - it's a story where the plot, outcome, characters, etc., are all determined by the commenters on that story! Whichever comment idea that gets the most upvotes or is the most liked by the author (it depends on the author's preferences) will get written into the story.

So I noticed a lot of reviewers saying they won't review "comment driven stories." What exactly are comment driven stories? Just checking before submitting my story.

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