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A group dedicated to the various alternate timeline we saw in "The Cutie Remark"! So many timelines with so many outcomes! Choose your timeline and explore the endless possibilities!

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I've been waiting to join a group like this:scootangel:!

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For a grand total of ten different timelines.
Dark crystal war
Doppel ganging up
Shadow sky
Thee reck
Chaos central
Con ponies Non-pareille
Nuke a world
Purple alicorn sighted in small town
Purple alicorn seen in cloudsdale

This group's dead, isn't it?


I sure hope there will be more fanfics about these timelines.

I loved the timeline of King Sombra's badass return, The true evil this king had and since season three no one appreciated him and called him a bad villain. Hope season five changed their minds to see what would have happened if he had won.

Welp I'm the 250th member of the group...

Overall, Season 5 has been DHX Media's best yet!

Just think: If Fallout: Equestria was made at this time (without others making it first) it would've been waaay more interesting.

Pony-Zebra War? Friggin' Sombra timeline's Crystal War! Or maybe the Tirek timeline instead of magic nukes?

What if the Barrent Wasteland was the Equestrian Wasteland?! I got my own head canon.

No rainboom, Twilight worked her way up through Shining's position, learned magic more, still became friends, controlled the elements of harmony, and founded the ministries.

i loved the episode and it gave me the idea of doing my own fic/headcanon/what if stories, i did 3 chapters, and added some dark tones. if anyone reads it i'd love some feedback on what i could do better.

The season finale amazed me and made me fall in love with MLP all over again.

I knew that we were going to see some AUs but they were a lot darker than I was expecting and I love it. The Crystal Wars Rainbow Dash was my favourite part of the AUs with her prosthetic wing and badass hairstyle. I can't believe they got away with having a solider in a war with a torn up ear and implications of dismemberment on a cartoon for little girls. Seriously, though, I really love Dash's war hairstyle and I wish that it was her default hairstyle.

My Body is Ready for 10,000 Dark fics. :pinkiecrazy:

Hahaha this gonna be good.

I have arrived.

Aces group.

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The King Sombra one is the best one.

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