A group dedicated to the various alternate timeline we saw in "The Cutie Remark"! So many timelines with so many outcomes! Choose your timeline and explore the endless possibilities!

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Sooner or later, there will be a 8th timeline, where all the villains came together and caused fear, pain and chaos throughout Equestria. But there will be one hero who will travel back in time by use of a time machine to change the course of the series, and make it right. An alicorn OC named "Southern Star".

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For a grand total of ten different timelines.


Dark crystal war

Doppel ganging up

Shadow sky

Thee reck

Chaos central

Con ponies Non-pareille

Nuke a world

Purple alicorn sighted in small town

Purple alicorn seen in cloudsdale

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This group's dead, isn't it?

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I sure hope there will be more fanfics about these timelines.

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I loved the timeline of King Sombra's badass return, The true evil this king had and since season three no one appreciated him and called him a bad villain. Hope season five changed their minds to see what would have happened if he had won.

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Welp I'm the 250th member of the group...

Overall, Season 5 has been DHX Media's best yet!

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Just think: If Fallout: Equestria was made at this time (without others making it first) it would've been waaay more interesting.

Pony-Zebra War? Friggin' Sombra timeline's Crystal War! Or maybe the Tirek timeline instead of magic nukes?

What if the Barrent Wasteland was the Equestrian Wasteland?! I got my own head canon.

No rainboom, Twilight worked her way up through Shining's position, learned magic more, still became friends, controlled the elements of harmony, and founded the ministries.

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i loved the episode and it gave me the idea of doing my own fic/headcanon/what if stories, i did 3 chapters, and added some dark tones. if anyone reads it i'd love some feedback on what i could do better.

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The season finale amazed me and made me fall in love with MLP all over again.

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I knew that we were going to see some AUs but they were a lot darker than I was expecting and I love it. The Crystal Wars Rainbow Dash was my favourite part of the AUs with her prosthetic wing and badass hairstyle. I can't believe they got away with having a solider in a war with a torn up ear and implications of dismemberment on a cartoon for little girls. Seriously, though, I really love Dash's war hairstyle and I wish that it was her default hairstyle.

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My Body is Ready for 10,000 Dark fics. :pinkiecrazy:

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Hahaha this gonna be good.

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I have arrived.

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Aces group.

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The King Sombra one is the best one.

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