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I am a Pegasister, I write fanfiction, and that's all you need to know about me. Also: I know that sounds jerkish, but I am not a jerk.

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I have become more. · 8:22pm Jan 28th, 2016

It has also come to my attention why my story has been suffering lately.

Assassins are a joke to Sky Stormer. She's too powerful. There's as much drama in those battles as my OC crushing an ant, not that she would. Therefore, she needs to fight something else. Something her power cannot overcome. Something deeper.

Something the MLP-FIM cartoon inspired in me.

And to those action fans... The end of series finale will have a far more dramatic battle.

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2074003 I thank you kindly for your offer, but I think I'd rather practice and pull off the art myself. I thought about it for the longest time.

Dear Skymaster9929, My name is Lillipup2003. I heard you are looking for art for your story Princess Sky Stormer and I would like to make some for you. I just need the OK. :twilightsmile: I don't need recognition or anything for it but if anybody asks, send them to me. You can look at my art on my story When cyponies attack or on my avatar. Please reply. :raritystarry:

2051555 Ok. Could the downvoting group tell me, so I can get my story out ofthere?

2051450 Try reading folders. If it says a certain thing then it only means fir that story kind. Also It can be kind of annoying. They could find errors more than others.

Hmmmm... I add my story to many groups, as I was told, and I start getting downvotes. Is one of my groups not what it appeared?

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