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No problem:pinkiesmile:, I haven't watched the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic the movie:twilightsheepish:, but I like Tempest Shadow's design and really hope the film gives me more information about her backstory:raritywink:


Thanks for the fav on Open Up Your Eyes. Glad you enjoyed! If you haven’t already, please do leave a like, it’d be very much appreciated!

Thanks again, and rock on! :twilightsmile:

You're welcome. And don't worry. I'm sure you'll get it back sooner or later. Maybe you just need to read other clop-fics to get that inspiration back. I read a lot of them, and have even wrote a few clop-fics myself. Right now, I'm writing dark rape fics to warm myself up before I start writing a big one sooner or later that is a prequel to my story, A Pop Star, a Princess, and a Prisoner, and it's going to be very dark, violent, and some scenes would be gory since it's set in a evil prison and all.

Hey there! Thanks for the fave. Really glad you enjoyed Defiance. Sorry for the hiatus, I know it sucks when that happens ... :fluttercry:
If I ever get the inspiration back (although it might not be for that story), I will try to continue it.

You're also welcome to check out any of the stories I wrote.

  • Viewing 100 - 104 of 104
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