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New Chapter of "A Prisoner's Suffering" is Out! · 12:01pm May 7th, 2018

Hey, guys.
Just wanted to let you guys know that I have just released the latest chapter to the story, "A Prisoner's Suffering". I'm telling you guys in case you missed it.

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Let me tell you what has happened here. My relationship with Dino is severed and destroyed and nothing, I mean nothing is gonna make me GIVE UP! I WILL MAKE SURE DISNEY CHRONICLES 38, FANTASIA 2000 IS PUBLISHED EVEN IF I END UP BEING BLOCKED AFTERWARDS!

I only read the first chapter, and it seems interesting so far.

Thank you for adding The Gentle Caterpillar and the Nocturnal Bat to your library of inspirational clopfics:twilightsmile:. How’re you liking the story so far:pinkiehappy:?

  • Viewing 207 - 211 of 211
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