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Dark Obsidian

My special ability is Dark Magic. I love Roseluck and Minuette and I always bow to my favorite ruler, King Sombra.

King Sombra is Best Villain

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100 FOLLOWERS!! · 11:09pm May 11th, 2017

Whoo-hoo! After nearly 2 years, I've reached 100 followers, Thank you guys ever so much for the support and feedback, you all are amazing!

I really want to do something for you guys like an open Q and A or something like that, but I'll leave it up for you to decide. With all this being a way to make my day I can't help but say Thank you, Thank you all soo much.:pinkiehappy:

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About my OC

Dark Obsidian

Type: Unicorn
Looks: Dark gray coat, Coal black mane with a silver streak on both mane and tail, light gray eyes and sometimes a black cape
Cutie Mark: Three Obsidian stones
Abilities: Can possess Dark Magic, Has a helmet that can assemble and disassemble from his magic
Personality: When angered, Obsidian tends to tap into dark magic and uses it as a stress reliever or a way to unleash his anger. Although he may possess Dark Magic, he isn't all evil. He'll pull an occasional prank and morph into his shadow form, but he'll always be haunted by the memories of his time with King Sombra or why his parents abandoned him.

Backstory: Dark Obsidian was born in the Crystal Empire under the reign of King Sombra. He also lived with his two brothers, Midnight Slate and Moonlight Shine. Throughout his early years, he was forced to work in the crystal mines and was often trying to learn magic. Although his magic wasn't fully developed, he was still able to learn simple magic such as levitation. However when he found obsidian within the mines, he gained his cutie mark of three obsidian stones. The obsidian he found were used for the armor of King Sombra's army and shortly afterwards, his parents Serene Ice and Night Glass abandoned their young colts due to the bad pay and unable to pay off their foal support debts. The abandoned colts lived in a trash bin until King Sombra found them. Taking in the colts, Obsidian spent countless days learning and performing Dark Magic as King Sombra planned to use him as the new leader of his Crystal Guard. Midnight and Moonlight were also being trained, but as Enlisted Guards. Before doing so, He developed a helmet for him, it was to be at his convenience, to strike fear in opponents, give an advanced optic range, and a voice modulator. Once Obsidian was a full adult, King Sombra decided to make him his heir to the throne. But it wasn't long before Sombra foresaw a day that would change everything and needed to set contingencies, including sealing Obsidian and his brothers in crystal far down below the Crystal Castle. After a thousand years and before King Sombra was defeated, he quickly teleported Obsidian somewhere far away to not be affected by the magic of the Crystal Heart. Once Obsidian and his brothers were awake and found himself outside of the Crystal Empire borders, and seeing no reason to return and left to explore Equestria and learned of the positive and happiness ponies had and slowly began to see the magic of friendship.

Best Art of my OC

These works were completed recently by 2135D so be sure you check him out in the future on his streams, deviant art, and fim page.

Short Personal Bio

Hello Ponies and Bronies, Obsidian here and Welcome to my Page. I'd like to thank you for either following me or liking the stories I've written and that you enjoy them. My OC vector was by CristalGalaxy so big thanks to them.

Age: 20 years
Hometown and State: Good ol San Antonio, Texas
Interests: Music, Writing, Reading, Singing, Gaming, and sometimes Pencil Art
Employment: Unemployed but currently job hunting
Educational Background: High School Graduate
Relationship: Single Pringle

And that's basically it.


Favorite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy

Favorite Background Pony: 4 way tie between Minuette/Colgate, Doctor Whooves, Roseluck, and Vinyl Scratch

Favorite Villain: King Sombra

Least Favorite Villain: Diamond Dogs

Least Favorite Episode: Spike at your Service

Favorite Princess: Princess Luna

Favorite 5 Episodes:
-Cutie Re-Mark Parts 1-2
-Crystal Empire Parts 1-2
-Keep Calm and Flutter On
-Return of Harmony Parts 1-2
-Three`s a Crowd

Top 5 Villains (My Opinion)
-King Sombra
-Starlight Glimmer
-Queen Chrysalis

Top 5 Favorite Ships
-Celestia & Discord
-Rainbow Dash & Soarin
-Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich
-Doctor Whooves & Derpy
-Lyra & Bon Bon AKA Sweetie Drops

Favorite Youtubers:
-Silver Quill
-Voice of Reason
-Golden Fox
-Key Frame

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2353834 Either is fine and as I say, A follow for a follow :twilightsmile:

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