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This group was made for your stories featuring those adorable Spa ponies Lotus & Aloe. These two hardworking mares from the Ponyville Day Spa have very few stories about them and no groups supporting them. This group is here for those of you who want to join me in changing that! =D

There are just a few simple Rules:

1. Please only post stories where Lotus & Aloe are the main character(s) or one/both of them has a fairly large role.
2. Only post stories into One folder please, even if they fit into more than one category.
3. Clopfics are allowed, just put them in the Clopfic folder. Clopfics may also be put into the Romance folder, provided they aren't too raunchy.
4. No overly Dark or Gorey fics please. Fics that are a little dark and/or have some gore are all right.

Have fun sharing your fics about the two spa ponies! Let's show Lotus & Aloe some love!

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365338 Thanks.
Since it is 'Blue Lotus',
Aloe is Pink, then I can move on with this part.

Some characters are hard to get right, in part due to seeing then in pair or groups.

In most cases, the Icons helps, just not with this one.

Thanks again. :scootangel:

Now I can be off writing again. :pinkiesmile:

Sorry. I haven't had a chance to check out this group for a little while. To help you along: Lotus is Blue and Aloe is Pink. It took me a little while to get them straight when I was new to this fandom a few years ago. But after writing a stroy about them, I no longer have any trouble telling them apart. :raritywink:

Is there a reason behind which Name is which colour and order?
If so, I guess I included Aloe? :pinkiesmile:

Oh WoW, a Pink Pony. :pinkiegasp:

I could use some help in geting these 2 Mares just right.
I do enjoy writing a few stories where they would fit right in.
The story would aftera ll be pout of bounce if they are not just right. starting with names, which of them is which?

Hello guys, glad to be here. I'll see what I can do about a good Aloe & Lotus fanfic. Wish me luck, spread the love for these two wonderful ponies. :twilightsmile:

320267 Heh, I have plenty of time, all I lack is talent!

Too true! I'd love to do a sequel to the story I wrote about them or a more in-depth 3rd person story about then. Know where there's a time bank I can rob? :twilightsheepish: All I lack is time to write.

Need more love for these sexy, sexy mares!

Well I'll keep my eyes peeled for it, I'll certainly be around. Writing porn.

You and me both. When I heard that Lotus & Aloe along with Nurse Redheart finally got character tags...I literally shouted out "YES!" And I say this also calls for a :yay:

Oh yeah, you may or may not have read comments here or in my Spa Pony fic, but I am planning 2nd-person human x pony sequel to "More Than Their Customer" where "you" date both Aloe and Lotus! :twilightsmile:

Well good to hear, I plan to stick around. Thanks for all your work creating the group, banner, etc.

Super stoked they finally got a character tag.

Welcome! And no you are not committing any transgression by submitting a story of your own making. My Lotus and Aloe fic was the one of the three first fics added to this group. BTW, I hope you and the other fans of the spa ponies will enjoy the little banner I whipped up in MS paint. :twilightsmile: It's not much but it beats the plain background.


Sort of new and just learned about groups, so hopefully I'm not committing some great transgression of etiquette by posting a story I'm writing myself. I'm a big fan of Aloe and Lotus.

290143 Well, why not. I am not really into human x Ponies, but you did great stories, so i'll read it anyway.

You're right, we do need more of Lotus & Aloe. It may interest you to know, I am currently planning a sequel to "More Than Their Customer". It's going pick up where the original left off, and will be a multiple chapter story about the relationship "you" have with both of them. I think it will be a fun story and an interesting challenge, writing about one human dating the spa twins. cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/mlp-lotus.png

290140 Thank you, but i just found a way two minutes ago. =)

There you go, my favorite fanfic about my favorites ponies.

...We really need more of these two.:heart:

You can PM me a link to it. I'll make sure it goes into the appropriate folder then. :twilightsmile: And glad you like the group. I was surprised that Lotus & Aloe had no group, so I figured, let's change that! :raritywink:

Yay !
A group of my two "best pony" !

Thank you.

...There is my favorite fanfic about them missing on this group, how do i submit it ?

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