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Once simply called a "Lovely Unicorn, and later named as Fleur des Lee (in the Gameloft game, specifically), this supermodel has drawn the attention of several bronies with he apparent beauty and grace.

Special thanks to RDvsDerpy for the banner image.

And before you add a story to a folder make sure it fits

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I've started work on my RarityxFleur fic, Weekend in Pearis, once again! Two more chapters have been finished, please read it and give me any and all feedback you can! Read it here.

Joining! Despite I don't ship her with Fancy Pants (I have a head-canon that she's Fancy's daughter) she's very pretty and has a lovely character design :pinkiesmile: and she's very beautiful :raritywink:

PM me if you want to discuss this further. I guess it's not really here the right place to.

348006 Not really fluent in Italian, just learned bits of it from watching Italian television since childhood. The Maltese language today is a mixture of Semitic (Phoenician and Arab), Romance (Italian, Sicilian and a bit of French) and Anglo-Saxon.


Great! But, as in English, when you write the name of a country or one of its inhabitants, you must use a capital letter: « je suis Maltais », « je suis Français », etc.
However, unlike in English, you don't use caps for either the adjective (« un enfant maltais ») or the name of the language (« je parle le maltais »).
Maltese people speak Italian, too, no? So: bravo per i tuoi sforzi e ciao!

336985 I only learned the basics/O-Level French in school. Correct me if I messed up what I will write:

Bonjour, je m'appelle La Vallett1 et je suis maltais.

Fleur de lis is very beautiful. Why can't her beauty be shown moer:raritycry:

Can you make a Fleur and OC romance folder?

Her name should be "Fleur de lYs" with a Y, not a I. That's a technicality, but the spelling is frozen to what it was in middle French in this name. Besides, "lis" written this way just looks wrong.

Should we speak French on this group ? :pinkiehappy:

What in the world is a Fleur de Lis group without Fleur de Lis in it?! Bonjour, everypony! Please help support me on my RarityxFleur story, Weekend in Pearis! I just finished and posted the third chapter after a really long hiatus.

In my story, "Celestia's Tiny Student," Fleur De Lis have her appearances in chapter 5 and 8, and she will have in some other, though not many as she is support character.

Can someone advice me do I can add this story here, and if yet, to with folder ?

I'm working on one...

Fleur is one of my favorites so far, I hope she appears in other episodes.

I really hope that some longer stories with Fleur as a main character show up soon

Fleur is best non-mane six pony

I keep thinking that she has just a tiny bit of alicorn in her, she is just way too tall for a normal unicorn mare, compared to the others.

bronies with he apparent beauty

That he needs to be a her.

Thankies for adding my fic to the group. :twilightsmile:


It's up to the fandom. In most cases she's either

A.) An old friend of him

B.) Married or seeing each other

C.) His Mistress.

Sorry no comformation here :trollestia:

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