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Fleur de Lis


When an unexpected face stops by the Carousel Boutique, Rarity ends up once again smitten with infatuation, but what happens when a dear friend confronts her about her choice in love? As her emotions are forced between two mares, her feelings well up and spill over, but not in the way that either of them expected!

A Rarity and Fleur pairing that dives off the deep end, focusing on the heart-wrenching relationship between them and Twilight as Rarity's emotions are mixed beyond the point of recognition. Written PG-13 for the sake of keeping pace with the story and not loading down the narrative with needless sexual encounters. I hope that's not too much of a disappointment!

This story was being written before Twilight had become an alicorn, so in this story, she is still a normal unicorn.

(The story has since been cancelled due to other projects, however will remain visible for archive purposes as well as a roadmap of development.)

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1754981>>1754983 Sorren and Regidar... I swear... The two 'newest fics' monitors. :heart: you guys! :twilightblush:

And to Mademoiselle Fleur (or Monsieur?): Loved it. It's easy on the eyes, so to speak. I don't see any hints at the depths that you're going to spur into here, and that is part of what attracts me to the 'watch' button. For now, I can only say, 'I want to see where this goes...' :trixieshiftright:

~Kinky Dress Should Be Pinkie's Dress,

1755205 I was doing it before Sorren :rainbowkiss: He's just a cheap rip-off who can write better fics then I.

1755209 And don't you forget it!

1755209 Don't tell him this, but your page is better than his. :)
And I like your stories better, too....They fit topics that I like more.

1755257 Yeah... I really don't know how I would confront Sorren if he asked me about this... :twilightoops: @NoReplyBecauseINeedToGoToBedAndYou'reDistractingMe...:ajbemused:

This receives much approval from me. May you write many more wonderful chapters!

^_^ Thank you, Everypony! This is actually my very first fanfic, so I'm hoping that all goes well.
I originally was going to write an adult fic, but decided that it would appeal to a much wider audience if it just stayed as is, a few innuendos and some nondescript scenes here and there, but not letting it take over the story.

PS. It is Monsieur Mademoiselle :twilightsheepish:'

EDIT: Renamed the chapter to "Expecting the Unexpected"

Chapter 2 has been posted! I hope it turns out half as well as the first! ^_^

You say Fleur is white, she's really more pink in my opinion.
Still, nice to see a good Fleur fic for once:twilightsmile:

Actually, Fleur is the only true white pony. The others like Celestia and Rarity all have a soft cream color to them. I thought she was more pink too until I read that and realized its her pink mane making it seem that way xD

Soooooo sorry about the long hiatus, everypony. I'm a software engineer by trade so I tend to have a lot of work when people need my particular set of skills ^_^! At any rate, hopefully I should get back into the groove of things sooner rather than later, I know how irritating it is only being able to finish half of a story and not know the rest.

I don't know when you posted the second chapter, and I'm too lazy to scroll up, but I've read it now. HAHA! This chapter kept your voice, and kept me captivated. It's very unique, and I find that most admirable. I really do want to see more views on this, though. :applejackunsure::twilightangry2:

~Keep 'Em Coming? And Blog It When You Do?

Great fic and i love that you brought romance between the two fashionistas in and it worked all in all it is simply amazing keep up the good work fleur :rainbowkiss:

I'm going to start working on it again. I've had the next chapter half done for months now!

After months of being away and a ridiculously long hiatus, I've finally managed to finish the third chapter and now have it published! I know it's certainly nothing that could live up to almost a year of suspense, but I'm determined to at least finish what I've started!

Thank everypony for your support! It's the best thing I need right now, trying to get this story on it's way to completion, finally!

It's great! Fortunately I only had to wait about a month.

Just read this and it seems very interesting so far, although as a certified softie, I am a bit intimidated by the "tragedy"-tag. Would you kindly tell me what level of sadness/tragedy this is going to be, dear author? Couple-Happy-But-Third-Wheel-Heartbroken or more Oh-My-God-Everyone-Just-Killed-Themselves?

Hooray, it's a alive! I am crossing my fingers for Fleur X Rarity smooching.

3419850 I could never spoil a massive detail like that for everypony! All I'll say is this: The Tragedy tag will be well earned and legitimately flows with the story without it feeling tire-ironed into the plot just to yank at heart strings. :raritywink:

That's my promise to you guys. I just hope that I can execute something like that without screwing up. I foresee many storyboard rewrites in my future. :twilightblush:

3420912 Well, I just meant the scale of tragedy, but if you put it that way it sounds too hard for me, so that's that.

3421010 To be fair, it wouldn't be much of a Tragedy if someone just got heart-broken. I'm sorry to disappoint. It's just impossible to cater to every reader, you know?

3421017 Yes, as the author, you should probably actively resist pandering to reader opinion. I was, as you said, just disappointed because I like the pairings, and from a writing standpoint, the story is pretty good judging from the first three chapters.
So let's part on amicable terms, dear story. It just didn't work out between us :derpyderp1:

Holy crap... during my writing of the next chapter, I realized that I had inadvertently written it to completely coincide with the image for the story itself. As weird as that sounds, it was either a complete accident or my brain is subconsciously messing with me! Either way, I found it really cool. Next chapter's coming up soon and hopefully I can maintain my attention enough to actually write this damned story!

The ship is still sailing. Hooray!:yay:

4327408 If you can call it that. Unfortunately, my combined lack of will and business has been keeping me from writing anything as of late. Hopefully I'll have the next chapter out in less than a year.

Finished some minor edits including transcribing the first two chapters into past tense rather than present perfect. I just realized that I'd written the last two chapters in past tense, which is more comfortable for me.

I'm somewhat uncertain what Fleur's motivations might be. I hope the two at least parted as friends.
Oh my, indulging in nostalgia and Rarity's dormant feelings. I wonder where this is going?

Shatter falsity,
dream again
once more anew
a different world entirely
to see the light of dawn.
In this sudden change,
reminiscence of tragically lost romance;
where does the truth lie?

We shall read on.:pinkiesmile:

Indeed, the second romantic interest. Given that she is introduced, and considering the Tragedy tag... I wonder what role she'd serve?

There is the first evidence of tragedy. Drama too. I wonder what Rarity's plans will be? Who to choose? I feel Fleur may be possessed with more guilt than adoration. I think, at least, from the way she is presented that she seems less than sincere. Still, the reader knows little. I will be looking forward to the eventual new release~

Searching for an answer
through the gloomy forgotten shade
of a time that never was
full of joyfulness and romancing warmth;
yet now you falter on that very same road
as the emotions tangle,
and a web of lies ensnares you in its sweetest touch.
Which of these wondrous dreams
will you choose, I wonder?

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

5539226 It's posts like these that really drive my motivation. I haven't done anything else in a long time and I do need to see this through, even if it's just a short fiction. At least for your sake, I will continue to press forward. A new chapter coming soon.

Oh my. I'm glad to be of help then~:raritystarry:

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