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This is dedicated to Miss Cheerilee!

I hope this becomes popular for Cheerilee's sake. She needs more love!


1. Posts have a two folder limit.
2. Place stories in correct folders.
3. Cheerilee must, at the very least, have a major role in the story.
4. If it is straight up clop with no real Romance, place in clopfic folder only.
5. Foalcon and rape are not allowed.

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Oh I know, I'm tracking and commenting that story:raritywink:.

And she's got a new TF story.

You know you're not the only one, right?

I really like Miss Cheerilee, she's so fun:scootangel:!

Here's to everybody's favourite teacher/librarian!

I wish Miss Cheerilee were my teacher. She's sweet and patient, but kind of has the sarcastic snark to her when her students aren't looking. ;)
And thank goodness foalcon isn't allowed in this group, either. [shudder] Cheerimac is the one true Cheerilee ship

One of the best fictional teachers you mean :pinkiehappy:

5. NO Foalcon as I dislike such interpretations of Miss Cheerilee


I really like her mane:pinkiesmile:


First of all, I apologise profusely for the delay in getting back to you. I have no excuse for it.

Secondly, I would be inclined to say that this would count as a major role (given how Cheerilee is influencing the story in this manner). But I'm not sure if my fellow admins would agree with me.

Finally, I can't read the story because there's a password on it. :raritycry:

Hiya! Your friendly neighborhood Ghost here! I have a question to the admin(s) of this here dandy little group:

If a one shot focuses on two ponies, but their attitudes are influenced by Cherilee, and she is referenced a lot and, besides the two main OC characters (this is hard to explain) is the only other pony character in the story, would she count as having a major role?

This is the story,
Believe In Love; Believe In Me
and I was unsure about submitting if it didn't follow that guideline exactly. Just curious is all! If the story isn't up to snuff, then you can just delete the post so there's no useless self promo going on or whatever.


Love always and forever,

When ahead and changed the banner, I figured you guys really wouldn't mind to much. It looks good imo

Correction: Cheerilee is Best Teacher.

Excuse me? My fic "student Teacher Relationship" got on the main page, should I try and put it in the Main folder?

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