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The mother of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle, and author of the Daring Do series, Twilight Velvet!!!

Party Hard!!

(A still germinating group)

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TV is one hot mamma! I love using her in my stories.

That gif be like
"I whip my hair back and forth!"

I'm surprised this group exists.

Saved me the trouble of making one. :twilightsmile:

Happy Mother's Day, Velvet!

I was really into the idea of Velvet being the author of Daring Do. We don't see much of any of the Mane Six's parents (The most we've gotten is Rarity's parents in one scene) and if Twilight DOES come from an aristocratic family, that would mean that Velvet is a noble who contributes to society.

I can't say I like Daring Do herself as a character, she's basically a clone of Rainbow Dash, but without the depth that makes Dash an interesting character.

Yeah, it would... Hmm,.. Head canon accepted!:yay:

A lot of things were better before Daring Don't mucked up the canon by defictionalizing the character of Daring Do and ALL of her assorted over the top adventures and adversaries.

Still, maybe Velvet here could still be A.K.Yearling's publisher. I mean it would certainly help explain how Sparkle was able to get a hold of that middle of nowhere address.

She ISN'T the author of the Daring Doo books, even though it was much better when it was possible that it might be like that!:twilightangry2:

330305I saw you dancing, and thought I'd join you:raritystarry:

Who doesn't love a brat with dirty hair?:trollestia:

*lick*certainly tastes that way:pinkiesmile:

:facehoof: Mom, what are you doing?


Now to figure out how to change the bannar etcetera...

Didn't think you'd actually make this:rainbowderp:
Take all my yes:heart:~

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