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Sorry Guys (It's good newsish) · 12:17am Oct 15th, 2015

So yeah that Daft Punk sequel I promised, it's still coming, I've just been really busy working on another story at the same time (It's not pony related so don't expect it here). I promise I'll try to get the new chapter out in october.

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Well guys, been 8 weeks and I can't seem to get a hold of him, looks like he died.

1399651 Indeed the lulz will commence

1399651 Not a damn thing.

1398576 Ouch. Burned by the official-no-way-at-all-fake Daft Punk. And let's go over to Dan for his reaction! *Camera switches to Dan*

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Things I have probably or probably not have said in my life...

"Twilight's mom, has got it going on."

"Hey. Don't force it man."

"I'm afraid we're all outta meth."

"Can I use the little boys' room?"


"I've always wondered what it's like to fap when you're a girl."

"Unless life hands you sugar and water, you can't actually make lemonade with just lemons."

"I try to sound clever, and in my mind, I succeed."

"Lol. 1v1 me scrub."

"Did I mention how hot Twilight's mom is? I mean, can you spell MILF?"

"I'm not a clopper!"

"A little yogurt never hurt anyone."

"I've come a long way to see you Neo."

"Wanna build a snowman kid? I've got candy!"

"Suck it, Hugh Jackman."

"Drop beats, not bombs."

"Canada is where all the hot chicks are at."


"You can finger her, and have the same exact results."

"I think space AIDS trumps super AIDS, cause space man."


"Licorice is the devil."

"Care to join me Mrs. Robinson? I already have the jacuzzi set to hot and bubbly."

"I can hold my breath for about 30 seconds!"

"Damn you, Pharrell Williams!"

"That's why they pay me handsomely."

"Fak u spooncer. Y u do dis?"

"I lied."

"God I love dessert."

"Is it still gay if you're doing the female counterpart of a friend?"

"Bazam? What the heck man. They toats stole that from Shazam."

"SHAZAM!!! *insert thunder effect here*"

"I can't believe people actually commented."

"The mods hate me. I think."

"Can I have a stick of gum?"

"Bob hailed Hydra BEFORE it was cool."

"Correction: I'M the awesome one."

"Oh god. Not Hatsune Miku again."

"Mariachi music beats all other genres."

"Conform to Coldplay!"

"I really need a girlfriend."

"Can someone fight me on Injustice? I'm bored."

"Is it weird that I find Maud Pie more attractive than Pinkie?"



"Why don't you have a Skype? :("

"Mustard pancakes, gimme those, muuuuustard pancakes..."

"Frozen is overrated."

"Missionary position looks kewl."

"Yep. Not gonna please any girl with this."

"Your lack of music taste is...disturbing."

"That doesn't even make any sense!"


"When all else fails, erase all evidence that you tried."

"She's a b*tch."

"Redheads are awesome. Asians? Depends."

"Shrek is love, Shrek is life."

"Can I have something sweet to eat?"

"Someday, I gotta stop being selfish. Juuuust not today."

"Procrastination. It's a b*tch."

"My 3G sucks @$$."

"I ship OliverXFelicity."

"God. Why am I obssessed with Twilight's mom?"

"Wow. Now I have nightmares."


"Ha! Got the little sucker didn't we?"

"My jimmies are easily rustled."

"Yeah science!"

"Stranger danger!"

"Ooh! A piece of candy!"

"I wanted to name the dog Bark Ruffalo..."

"STD's...nature has a sick sense of humor."

"I always use Ness."

"My favorite vegatable is cauliflower."

"Is it sad that I have a Wonder Woman blow-up doll?"

"Don't make me spam Coldplay again."

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