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Neardy little fanfic reader who is trying to make her own. Love talking and you can allways feel free to send a PM.

A little about Keam

I'm a teenage pegasister who read fanfics and also write them.

Favorit Ponies: The Apple Family

Favorit mane six: Gues three times! If you can't figur it out, PM me and I'll tell you!
Favorit Princess: Luna and Cadence

And favorit Shippings? What about


Honorary shipping mention: AppleDash will always have a special place in my heart for being the first shipping I ever shipped!:heart:
Oh, and does somebody else rember this?

and this

Seriosly? Am I the only one who rember Dream Valley and the Paradise mansion?
And yeah, I now what you think, so


I am no longer an active member on this site. I check in every so often for pms and notifications, but otherwise do nothing on here. If you wish to reach me for whatever reason I suggest sending a pm as that is the quieckest way to reach me on here.

Other social media:

Tumblr - gemvictorfromtheponyverse

Instagram - Aesteticfandomdreams

Twitter - Keam

I speak 3 languages

You are welcome to talk to me in any of the following languages:

1 Swedish ( my native language)
2 English (My second language, standard language on this site)
3 Spanish (My third language, somewhat fluent, will do my best)

If you prefer talking in any of the languages on this list that is not English, you are very welcome to do so.

I'm Swedish and proud of it!

Picture drawn by Vital Spark

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I made a banner from a screenshot, and used a vector for a new group icon, so Babs had the right cutie mark, though I might change them if I find anything better, or want to customize them more. I changed up the folders, and added a bunch of genre folders, since there seemed to be demand for them. I also changed the admins who hadn't been around since January to contributors.

I still need to rewrite the rules thread. I'll probably do that soon.

And I promoted Samey90 and hawthornbunny to admin so we have a decent number of admins. Samey90 is already an admin at the other Babs Seed group. hawthornbunny is admin in a number of other groups with me, and also wrote the Babsnalysis thread here.

The fact that both of them had threads that I stickied when I was looking through the group forums seems to make me think they were the right choices...

--Sweetie Belle

Updated. you are now an administrator. I trust you to take care of and help the group and will be keeping an eye out just in case, though I doubt you will do anything bad to the group.

Sounds good!

And I do know the feeling. I've spent the last week or two reviving a dead group I'd mostly forgotten about that I'm an admin in myself...

--Sweetie Belle

Yes I am aware, and I more than trust to promote you to admin, so I'll fix that asap. Tbh I had forgotten i was even admin over there, so I suppose its just as well we get some more active people im.

Yeah. I'm already the head admin of, well, quite a number of groups (several of which you are in), and an admin in a number of others, and I'd like admin rights in this one. I am basically on fimfiction every day, though obviously, my attention can be a little scattered with the number of groups I admin. I can clean up the admin list a bit, maybe promote another admin or two I trust, rewrite the rules, given they look rather fragmentary, see what changes others in the group want, and that sort of thing.

Of course, I will admit I end up as head admin a lot of times on groups I get admin rights on, but it's mostly because I've outlasted a bunch of people on the site. That and if no one else is acting like the head admin, I tend to slip into it... (It's hard to remember which groups I'm not head admin on sometimes, to be honest. :unsuresweetie:)

--Sweetie Belle

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