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Neardy little fanfic reader who is trying to make her own. Love talking and you can allways feel free to send a PM.

A little about Keam

I'm a teenage pegasister who read fanfics and also write them.

Favorit Ponies: The Apple Family

Favorit mane six: Gues three times! If you can't figur it out, PM me and I'll tell you!
Favorit Princess: Luna and Cadence

And favorit Shippings? What about


Honorary shipping mention: AppleDash will always have a special place in my heart for being the first shipping I ever shipped!:heart:
Oh, and does somebody else rember this?

and this

Seriosly? Am I the only one who rember Dream Valley and the Paradise mansion?
And yeah, I now what you think, so


I am no longer an active member on this site. I check in every so often for pms and notifications, but otherwise do nothing on here. If you wish to reach me for whatever reason I suggest sending a pm as that is the quieckest way to reach me on here.

Other social media:

Tumblr - gemvictorfromtheponyverse

Instagram - Aesteticfandomdreams

Twitter - Keam

I speak 3 languages

You are welcome to talk to me in any of the following languages:

1 Swedish ( my native language)
2 English (My second language, standard language on this site)
3 Spanish (My third language, somewhat fluent, will do my best)

If you prefer talking in any of the languages on this list that is not English, you are very welcome to do so.

I'm Swedish and proud of it!

Picture drawn by Vital Spark

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Thank you. I'm not on her any more basically but I am still out in fanfiction land. I'm Gemvictorfromtheponyverse (tumblr)/Pearlislove (Fanfiction.net/AO3), if you ever see me Somewhere.

I edited Lily Valley Goes Shopping a bit. Was thinking about the nice comments you left. I hope you've found happiness, friend.

Happy Holidays, hope you get to enjoy today to the fullest. And I wish you and those in your life a wonderful New Year's Eve.

Yeah im still here now and again. Going on 5 years

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