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I am really indecisive. I think...

Best pony

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You, sir, are the best. Merry Christmas, hon! :heart:

Says the big feg.

I'm sowwy, I forgot! :raritydespair:

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Completely, 100% original To-Do list.

- Publish a bloody story!
- Do some stuff.
- Get Tom to be accepted universally as best pony.
- Meet Tara Strong.
- Come up with wittyl names for other boxes.
- Get 10 followers.
- Become a somewhat decent writer.
- Meet another Brony in the wild.
- Invent a time machine.
- Go back in time, give my past self the plans of the time machine.
- Invent a better time machine now that I have the first one.
- Repeat cycle until I have invented a T.A.R.D.I.S.
- Travel around time and space with hot chicks, just like The Doctor!
- Learn to stay on topic.
- Stop typing this list.

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