Vanilla Mocha Fan Group! 55 members · 46 stories

This is a group dedicated to Vanilla Mocha, Equestria's Coffee Mare!

Any stories written by her, for her, or that involve her are welcome! Also, anything with coffee is too! :twilightsmile:

If you are new or want to meet more fans, please see this link. :rainbowwild:

-Pixie Stick, creator of the group

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403697 I thought I was already in this one. :rainbowlaugh:

*Sigh* I don't like "fan groups"... No wonder everyone hates me. :ajsleepy: Oh well. I'm not trying to complain... Heh. Glad I have this, though.

404698 That's true. I take Spanish at school but lol my class laughs too much at the language it just sounds really weird to us. Even my Hispanic teacher laughs at it :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

404694 I speak enough to get by at work since it's a fast food place and half our people are Hispanic. :pinkiesmile:

404680 Soy muy bueno. Como estas?

Idk lol I don't even speak Spanish :rainbowwild:

403697 I'm part of it now.:twilightsmile:

Woah! This is great! Thank you all so much! :pinkiegasp:

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