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Meadow Feather

My page is a circus :P (2016-2017 time capsule)


hi ! · 7:11pm January 24th

hey everyone . not sure if any of my old followers or friends are active now or not since its been almost a decade but i wanted to write something here anyway. going through this account has certainly been a trip down memory lane. a trip that i didnt get through without cringing a couple times but who isnt cringe when theyre 12 years old. I am days away from turning 20 now sheeesh/?:):

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Meet me! :D

By Sweet Pillow commissioned by my awesome friend Cookie Crumbles! All of my thank you's will never be enough!

Basic info:

Name: Meadow Feather
Coat color: Light yellow
Mane color: Brown
Race: Pegasus (because pegasi are boss) Hmm?
Talent: Playing Trombone/sketching
Hobbies: eh, dunno I'm pretty boring.
Cutie mark: Pencil and parchment CHANGED: Base Clef symbol with pencil
Gender: Mare (obviously)
Age: 18

The part where I have to work. I mean, uh, detailed info. Or something:

Meadow feather is an optimist in most situations, but has a low self-esteem. She enjoys being with her family as well as her friends, and is always happy to make a new one. She strives to become a revered artist someday.
(Yeah, I know it's short, I'll add more once I think it up.)

You can also find me on Youtube and Deviantart

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its been like four years but im still alive and occasionally log in to lurk :]

Wherever did you go, friend? :(

The human/government expirament-turned-alicorn thing sounds pretty interesting. Whatever interests you the most is what you should go for though :twilightsmile:

(I’m sorry for the late reply! I haven’t been online much over the past few months)

So I need some advice... Should I do Saitama in YHaY-verse or OP human/government expirement-turned-alicorn first?


Some people never learn to grow up I suppose. :twilightsheepish:

I can’t help but notice that wherever you go someone’s always disliking your comments. :applejackunsure:


Your story A Negative caught my interest so naturally I had to stalk follow you :twilightsheepish:

One of my friends had my oc commissioned a few years back and I’m forever greatful. (And yus she is adorable squee) :yay:


Adorable avatar. Thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

What made you want to follow me?

Haha if you want you can send a pm my way :derpytongue2:

I made the mistake before. It, um...it didn't end up well.:derpyderp2:

Holy heckeree doo da, I still shudder from the awkwardness.:pinkiesick:

So! Now what? PM each other? You seem the enjoyable sort.

No dingalings downstairs for me. if I were a guy though that would be pretty awkward and equally hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I ain't taken yet. I'm not sayin', I'm just saying...:raritywink:

I'm a guy, by the way. So if you're a guy too, this is gonna be awkward.:twilightoops:

Don’t worry, I love you (not romantically :twilightoops:) already! :D

I have that effect on people--make 'em smile. I can write super dark tales of blood, despair, and mental anguish, but I can also be the most random monkey on this site in terms of wording or dialogue or some other doodoo like that. You won't be disappointed by me.

You...are going...to LOVE ME!!!

But if you don't want to love me, that's fine.

Thanks you really didn’t have to do that! We could totally chat sometime. :yay:

(Gosh you’ve got me smiling like an idiot :twilightsheepish:)

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