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This is that group for all those super edgy fics with lots of edge and darkness and shit, man.

For serious though, if you see a story that thinks it's cooler than it ever fucking will be, put it here.

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You know what, I'm fine that my stories are on here, lol, I would like, however, to work with some people to help improve upon my writing.

Hey, there, wanted to thank you guys for putting my story in the folder. However. I don't understand why it's in the swear jar. As is I could only spot two swear words, (damn, and balls) so is the standard a certain amount of swears, or does it go in with just one?

Why is my story in the "grammatical massacre" folder? I appreciate my story being featured anyware, but I don't see any major grammatical errors. Perhaps you placed it due to my habit of making up words to describe speech?

My stories ended up here, and I laughed far harder then I should have.

Why every displaced fic ever written hasn't come here yet I'll never understand. They don't belong anywhere else.

Comment posted by Mane-Shaker deleted Sep 29th, 2016

This group is gonna go down faster than a South Korean Ferry, gentlemen.

How else am I gonna feel good about my work right? A bit of edge never hurt my day, besides I like-
-living on the edge.:derpytongue2:
Hate me for that as much as you want, it was worth it, even if it's not that funny.:moustache:

This entire group is a work of art.

I'll bring the butterfly knives and edgy dA arts. :pinkiesad2:

Luz #6 · Sep 24th, 2014 · · 2 ·


We've got knives! :pinkiehappy:


Smiles #4 · Sep 16th, 2014 · · 2 ·

This group wasn't edgy at all. My hardened anti-troll skin honed from years of edginess has made me completely invulnerable to your childish groupings and events. If I really wanted to, I could single destroy this group with my vast intellectual abilities and social links. Because Friendship!

10/10 didn't cut me.

edit: I just cut myself. :fluttershbad:

The implicit references to cutting triggered meeeeee!

join us, Lumie:rainbowkiss:

This group is way too edgy. It cut me! There isn't even a warning label, to give me a heads up about the edge. :raritydespair:

I'm taking you to court for my medical costs ($0.80 for the band-aid), missed work ($0.05 for ten seconds) and for mental trauma ($3,000,000).

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