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I don't normally post reviews on my blog since I like the idea of keeping them separate and not cluttering up the feeds of followers who are uninterested.

If you'd like to see occasional, sometimes nonsensical blurbs about (often cloppy) fics I've read, then you're in luck.

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Fallen Angels

Fluttershy reflects on what it means to fall in love with a foal, how she came to be so inclined, and the isolation she must endure. Will she endure it, or will she take the chance to find happiness with somepony society says she must never pursue?

Cover art by ZippySqrl
I have no other stories. Not a single one.


Good gravy, the feels! [NY Times article] · 4:25pm Mar 9th, 2016

There seem to have been a lot of interesting things in the news back 2 or 3 years ago about pedophilia. Here's another article (link).

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Things I Feel Like Bragging About

☑ 200 followers (you all rock)!
☑ Write over 100,000 words for my first fic: Fallen Angels
☑ Run an awesome group on Fimfiction: Foalcon
☑ Create a cool group on Fimfiction: Foalcon Punch!
☑☑☑☑ Unintentionally be banned from a group for respectfully sharing my beliefs
☑x1000 Give no horsefeathers about rustled jimmies

Things I Have Yet to Brag About

◻ 300+ followers
◻ Write over 200,000 words for Fallen Angels and finish my first novel-length fic
◻ Finish my humanized-pony-loli-incest-rape fic: Schmerz
◻ Care more about rustled jimmies