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Beware this mare; there is method in her madness... Or not, either way...

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Beyond the irrational hatred, extreme fetishism, random, obscure references, and all-around trolling, there is actually a warm and loving woman... Or not, who knows? Certainly not me...

So, yeah... This is where Starshadow and I call home between ridiculous public fights and epic, heavily opinionated (and occasionally knowledgeable) rants... Those who came looking to contact me concerning OCs or anything of the sort, please PM me. General questions, comments, complaints, whatever... all of that stuff can be directed to my blog below. For those looking to follow me, and I'm not sure why anyone would want to, but if you do, I'll be sure to follow you back.

No seriously, direct your questions here...

So, just in case you do have stupid questions for me, I'm gonna save you a little time here... Don't bother me with any of the following:

"Are you really a girl?"
- Yes.

"No way... You're seriously a girl?!"
- Oh for... Yes, dammit, I seriously am a girl!

"But, you don't act like any girls I know..."
- Okay, first of all, that's not a question. And second, yes, I'm a super-bitch, troll, hyper-depraved girl, but I'm still a girl. And before you even start down that line of insipid questions, I'm bi, I'm a sub (in the bedroom only), and I'm not interested in you.

"Best pony?"
- Rainbow Dash... Or Fluttershy... Or Twilight Sparkle... Or Derpy Hooves... Hmm... and any of the CMCs... Actually, anypony that isn't Rarity.

"Who would you buck and why?"
- Didn't I just go over this...? Anypony but Rarity, because Rarity is a huge fucking bitch that I hate with a passion that defies logic.

"What got you started writing?"
- Mostly boredom... Also, I met a camel and became his muse for a while. And then he encouraged me to try my hand at my own story.

"What inspires you to write?"
- The thought of people reading my work. Also, depending on the project, the potential butthurt my work will inspire.

"What's your special talent?"
- Developing OCs, apparently. Also making people irrationally angry.

"What exactly is going on with you and TheCamel anyway?"
- Ugh... If you must know, he's my one and only beloved Master and I... hmm, how can I put this...? I'm his irreplaceable muse/#1 fangirl/kindred spirit/troll princess/adorable pet kitten/love slave. Yeah, I think that about covers it.

"What does any of that mean?"
- None of your business! The point is, you can't have any... 'Cause he gets jealous when I play too hard...

"Why don't you ever use emotes anyway?"
- Because they're lazy and so is everyone that uses them instead of actually thinking of ways to express their emotions in their own words.

"Why do you follow everyone that follows you?"
- Because reasons...

"That's not an answer..."
- And that's not a question, so there...!

"Why do you insist on talking for yourself and Starshadow all the time?"
- Because I like to mess with people, as is my trolling nature. And since I know all of my and Starshadow's buttons, those fights are the most fun.

"Why does Starshadow talk normal while you talk in italics?"
- That's just how it ended up working out, I guess...

"Wait, why aren't you talking in italics here?"
- Starshadow only exists in certain parts of this site, specifically stories in which she's involved. Otherwise, I default to my 'sanity' and just talk normal.

"Is it hard walking the line between intensely private personality and attention whore?"
- It really is, you guys... Also, why the fuck would anyone in their right mind want to follow me?!

"Wow, you're kind of a bitch..."
- Again, not a question. And I make no attempts to hide what I am. Deal with it. Or don't, I actually don't give even the slightest fuck one way or another what you think of me. Or anything else that you think, for that matter.

Random Thought of the... Whenever I Feel Like Updating This...


Wow... for a split second there, I really thought that was going to go an entirely different way...


New Story · 7:39pm Dec 7th, 2019

Hey guys, I'm still technically alive it seems. Got a new thing that you might be interested in, featuring a young Fluttershy and her daddy. Unfortunately I can't post it here because it's anthro and this site is notoriously anti-fun. So you can find it on my Inkbunny or Archive of Our Own instead. Happy reading.

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