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New Story · 7:39pm Dec 7th, 2019

Hey guys, I'm still technically alive it seems. Got a new thing that you might be interested in, featuring a young Fluttershy and her daddy. Unfortunately I can't post it here because it's anthro and this site is notoriously anti-fun. So you can find it on my Inkbunny or Archive of Our Own instead. Happy reading.


Starfall: Definitive Edition · 1:27am Jun 9th, 2017

Goddammit that took a long, stupid amount of time to update...

Well anyway, the entire series from Submissive Sister through to Starfall has now been updated. Most of the larger changes will be seen in the Starfall chapters, to include extra and extended scenes, more clarification on certain plot elements and fixing a few continuity errors and more.

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Submissive Sister, Definitive Edition · 12:14am Mar 21st, 2017

For the few of you that still care about this, no, this series isn't completely dead. My mate and I have, for several reasons, taken a break from writing; however, there are still plans to finish this story, and all the various loose ends surrounding it soon (maybe... eventually...).

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New Story Inbound · 11:00pm Jun 19th, 2015

Hey guess what? I'm not actually dead!

*hears crickets chirping*

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Quick Poll · 7:05pm Jun 13th, 2015

So... How badly was your head-canon just exploded?

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Starfall Remastered · 5:31pm Jan 24th, 2015

I know it's been a while since I was active around here; my current situation doesn't afford me a lot of free time... Anyway, for those of you who are wondering about my current exploits, no, I'm not actually dead or anything. Currently I'm working on a little pet project; just as the name suggests, I've been going over the entirety of the Submissive Sister/Starfall story line and cleaning it up/adding in flavor text and such. This comes in anticipation of Camel's weird no pony restriction

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I Will Carry Hell to Your Doorstep! · 7:58pm Nov 10th, 2014

Yeah... I'm in kind of a bad mood today so... Have this deliciously sinister animatic from the ponified Count of Monte Cristo Musical. It always cheers me up thinking of dragging anyone stupid enough to bother me through Hell and back so...

Oh, and before you ask, no I don't care to talk about why I'm in such a violently bad mood...

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It's the Rapture! · 5:50pm Nov 10th, 2014

... Okay, not really...

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A Broken Heart Never Forgets... · 11:48pm Oct 12th, 2014

So, my partner and I made an... interesting discovery today. A little over a year ago my amazingly twisted mate gave birth to what would become one of the most polarizing stories of its time, a dark twisted tale of jealousy and betrayal: "Broken Hearts and Diamonds". Also one of my fondest memories; trolling the comment section of that story while it was ongoing was

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Art Therapy: Allegro · 2:39am Sep 29th, 2014

So today we're gonna switch it up a bit and go onto one of my personal favorite characters, Allegro. So, I actually had this one done yesterday; took me all of about 15 minutes... I guess I really should write Allegro more often, she's really fun and easy for me to write...

OC picked: Allegro

Try to read it with his/her voice

1. What is your name?

2. Do you know why you were named that?

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