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Well, we're off to a flying start here. One page in and we're already into the rage-inducing content...

It's like you never stopped, isn't it, Miss Kris?

Indeed. Now then, why don't you get down to business yourself, little lady?

Very well... So, the whole thing with Thunderlane not withstanding, things have finally started to get back to... normal for me. I'll admit hearing about Vinyl's escapades in her own words failed to answer any of the questions I had, but it's good to see she seems to be taking the whole thing well... Then there's Pinkie... I don't even know what to say about her.

I know, right?

Yeah, she's in a class by herself. Whatever that is... So, Most importantly of all, I was finally able to shake off the awkwardness lingering over mine and Big Mac's heads.

Good for you. I'm glad to see things are looking up for once...

... That's it? No underhanded, cutting remarks? No outright attacks on my attempts at happiness?

What? I can't be genuinely happy for you now?

... Your happiness makes me suspicious...

Well, your suspicion makes me happy, so...

Hell yeah I've been waiting for this! The sequel is looking great so far. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Yay sequels! Woop woop!

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Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 7th, 2014

Why is this on you're account when the author has an account? I know that a few stories are hosted by someone else on fanfiction or vice-versa, but this is something I don't see a lot.

Some recent findings of mine have me both worried and intrigued as to what is goind to happen in this story


It may just be a piece of fanfic art but it was by batguy and left Vinyl and starshadow in an 'interesting' position.
But as I said, it may have nothing to do with the story.

I'm wondering how fast all of this happiness is going to shit, still glad to see the sequel is up and running.

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Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 7th, 2014

So... nothing to say about your actions of late, Starshadow?

Nope. I feel they pretty well speak for themselves.

If you say so...

Hey, can I ask you something? If you're hosting this story now, why are we still doing this?

Well, I mean this is kind of our thing. It's expected of us now...

... You're just addicted to talking to yourself now, aren't you?

I don't know what you're talking about. Shut up!

3686351 now now you two, there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to yourselves :pinkiehappy:
I mean Pinkie Pie does it all the time, you're clearly just as sane as her :pinkiecrazy:
......oh...wait a sec...im scarred now :twilightoops:
lol still loving this story Kris

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Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 7th, 2014
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So, this is the official SEQUEL of "Submissive Sister"?

Well, this has been fun to watch. You certainly seemed to get over your severe jealousy in record time, Starshadow.

Indeed... And try as you might, you monster, you can't bring my good mood down today 'cause Starsong's back in town! *squeal*

Why do you always seem to think I've got it out for you...?

... Ignoring that. Anyway, I must admit it was kind of fun watching Thunderlame squirm.

"Thunderlame", eh?

And then there's AJ... She's gotten much more aggressive of late; I'm kinda enjoying this new mare. I hope Starsong didn't scare her too badly though...

Well, she was just trying to look out for her little sister, you know, after all that stuff you went through...

Yeah... Also, it's kind of a shame she's never learned anything about relationships herself. I would love to show her just how wrong her outmoded ideas really are.

Hmm... I might have to make that happen anyway...

You'd better not be suggesting what I think you're suggesting, you bucking bitch!

... There see, and you said I couldn't do it.

... Hate you...


Indeed it is. Camel insisted I host the story in its latest incarnation since the vast majority of the OCs and much of the overarching plot is my design...

3723016 Glad to see you're continuing his promiscuous story.


Hmm... Not sure "promiscuous" is the word you wanted there, but you're welcome. I couldn't just let poor Starshadow disappear without showing everyone all the other horrible things that are still possibly in store for her...

... Ever the charmer, Miss Kris.

3729159 No, his story literally goes out and has many transient, indiscriminatory sexual relationships. It's definitely promiscuous.:ajsmug:

How many chapters Is this going to be

been wanting to comment on this one. it is pretty good and the starshadow character is also interesting as well..............................
really, big mac and applejack incest? isn't that just.............. too cliche considering they are country folk? it is an itnersting dynamic but still.

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Dark guard...secret order of assassins......The Brotherhood from Assassin's Creed? The Dark Brotherhood? Drakenguard?

Comment posted by 3A deleted Jan 13th, 2014

3773477 the thing is, the blackguard was around even before the miasma aka Nightmare Moon, so it seems more like she has forgotten everything, even things that had nothing to do with Nightmare Moon.

Looks like Vinyl's in the porn industry now

3869066 oh geez, i didn't even think of that but yea it makes sense.

3892120 3869066

One does have to wonder... I think a better question would be what's the reaction going to be when this all inevitably goes public?

3892120 Hey, gotta pay the bills one way or another


Heh, I'm guessin' a little of column A, a little of column B...

3892293 Heh, might as well have best of both worlds. Might wanna make sure she's clean first. Nobody wants to mess with somthing that cam melt your thang off


Usually... And yeah, given her history, that might be worth looking into.

3892177 I was thinking the same thing. I'm imagining a scene where Starshadow finds out how Vinyl was able to afford such an expensive gift and I see her as being rather upset yet also kind of touched that Vinyl would go so far for her.


Why would she be upset? That's nothing compared to what Starshadow herself did to get into the industry...

Lies! Lies and slander!

So, you're saying you didn't use Stratus's advances to get him to buy you all of your gear and get your first big gig lined up...?

Th... That's not exactly how it happened...

3893097 am I wrong in thinking that Starshadow hated that lifestyle?


Well, she probably does now, but back then it was all she knew. Aside from that year and a half or so between when Starsong and Silver Veil found her and when she started working at the weather factory, that was her whole world...

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You got one thing wrong, you can't get an erection while drunk


Well, actually, medically speaking, it is, in fact, possible to obtain and maintain an erection while drunk, it's just way harder.

... Heh...

Yeah, real mature, miss Kris...

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