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Im back? Kinda? · 2:39pm Feb 1st, 2015

Hey everyone! Been a long time since i made an update post huh?

More than likely, many of you have forgotten about me and now someone is randomly taking up blog space in your dashboard.

Sorry for the extreme hiatus.

So now that ive got my life pretty settled, ive decided to go back to writing. Since i left, i think ive posted like two or three short stories? Give those a read if you havent seen em yet.

For the next few months, i plan to return to:
-several short stories

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988354 Oh man thanks a lot! And thanks for the follow :twilightblush:

I don't do it for the fame. I just wanna become a better writer. And work out some of my fantasies :duck:

i hate the fact its so hard to get noticed on this site i love your stuff it makes me sad your being over looked :pinkiesad2:

Hey, It's me Flutterspy, the one from TF2, I hadn't added you yet, so do you minf adding me? Also, A Follow :pinkiecrazy: Bout to play TF2, so by the time you read this I may still be ingame.

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