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Where are all the diamond dogs? · 2:15am May 2nd, 2014

okay here is something that i find myself pondering deeply and darkly. Where the fuck is all the stories that has badguys using diamond dogs are minions? i mean look at them!

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Thanks for the lovely comment on my story. If you like my writing, consider leaving a follow so you won't miss any updates! :twilightsmile:

Dude, you're still here? Hell yeah! I thought you disappeared! Hey, what's up? I'm the writer of that terrible serial killer story "Split Personality" that you kept screaming about, haha. Did you ever get over that "criticizing children's stories and mocking them" thing or are we still doin' that? Either way, great to see your alive! I gotta say, you were probably my first ever "hater" (For lack of a better word), and arguing with you in the comment section was the real pinnacle of my writing career. Now I mostly write one short horror shorts and short pieces to put into my book. However, I think you'd like to know I've gotten better at writing dark stuff without killing off characters (I find eternal torture is the way to go). Did you ever read the ending of the story, by the way, or did you give up when 13 year old me kept getting mad at you?

Regardless, glad to see you're alive!

I'd love to see you tear apart one of my finished stories :)

I noticed you making long logical arguments about some characters in a story that I feel are probable there more so to get a reaction from the reader than anything else. This story in particular makes me feel something, but then again that's a point about art, to make someone feel something or think something.

My grammars not the best sadly, and my story telling at the start consisted of telling what was happening instead of showing, something I'm still struggling to do correctly. It makes a huge difference. Also I've never made a timeline for it, just too many things and it seemed faster to type it and scan my mistakes later. Exact time in stories, I've learned don't work out well, but generalized time left to the imagination works. The problem I had was that I wanted everything to be precise and how I imagined it, leaving little to the reader but pointless facts within the story, hiding facts I wanted them to really know as I imagine they skip it.


2336053 It's still like saying a fashion designer should be criticising your writing. :facehoof: You have no proof on here that you have written, and some of these people you criticise have had years more experience than you. :trixieshiftleft: if you had at least one story up on here, people would see whether your an actual good writer or not, if so, they'll take criticism better because they know you may have more experience then them.


This is an actual reason why some people are a bit, ''stubborn" to take criticism from EVERYONE.

People are always looking for more experienced people to notice their work and criticise it, because not everything someone says will help their story, sometimes making it worse. Or so they believe.

2335803 i Have written. albeit sporadically.
and that is immensely flawed. you do not have to have written several stories to understand how stories generally should unfold. or how characterization works. and doesn't work.

that is simply something people say to dissuade, and sometimes outright insult, people who have a critical view of their work.

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