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I'm cute.

My name is Deer, though you can call me Bambi if you want! I'm 18 years old, a butch lesbian, and I'm also asexual and typically sex repulsed, so you'll find very little sexual content from me or on this page, sorry!

I like video games, dogs, and making my own headcanons that break MLP:FiM canon because who's going to stop me? I dislike insects, smelly dogs, and the -ahem- "problematic" fanbase this show has.

I'm slowly posting things on here for the first time since about 2015, and just like before it's mostly OC content featuring my character Doodle Bug.

I have my own lore for the show that doesn't break the current canon completely, but does add a bit of flare. For example, I headcanon changelings that are black ("goth bugs") and scary to be a sub species of changeling, while multi-colored ("prep bugs") and sparkly changelings are another sub species. I have thought a lot of my lore through.

All my stories will be in my alternate universe where my headcanons replace their main universes canon, which means you will find: A lot of weird wiggling to include villains, retcon choices I think were poor (changelings), and a whole lot of gay ponies. A lot of gay ponies. Celestia and Chrysalis are married amount of gay ponies.

Hope you enjoy!

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