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I'm cute.

My name is Deer, though you can call me Bambi if you want! I'm 19, gay, and you'll find very little sexual content from me or on this page, sorry! I like video games, dogs, and making my own headcanons that break MLP:FiM canon because who's going to stop me?

I'm slowly posting things on here for the first time since about 2015, and just like before it's mostly OC content featuring my character Doodle Bug.

I was called an SJW in 2020, so that's all you need to know about me.

I have my own lore for the show that doesn't break the current canon completely, but does add a bit of flare. For example, I headcanon changelings that are black ("goth bugs") and scary to be a sub species of changeling, while multi-colored ("prep bugs") and sparkly changelings are another sub species. I have thought a lot of my lore through.

All my stories will be in my alternate universe where my headcanons replace their main universes canon, which means you will find: A lot of weird wiggling to include villains, retcon choices I think were poor (changelings), and a whole lot of gay ponies. A lot of gay ponies. Celestia and Chrysalis are married amount of gay ponies.

Hope you enjoy!

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