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Part of a machine, I am not a human being.

videos and shit

Some Dude-Today at 1:03 AM

If you had a chance to smoke with Snoop for a full day from his personal stash, how fast would you accept?

Incoherent Creaming-Today at 1:06 AM

Before he finished offering.
you know what? no.
I would of course except, but I would devote my whole life to science afterwards.
So that I would make the first timemachine.

Mlpdzrmlp Mlpdzrmlp-Today at 1:08 AM

This slayed me

Incoherent Creaming-Today at 1:08 AM

I would go back in time, and through a seiries of failures and successes, determine the exact moment he decided he would accept me to do such an honor.
Before he spoke, when his mind decided. I would pop out of no-where to him and say yes right then.
...And then keep going back in time to do so because HELLA.

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Thanks. It's Kenyan Dash, bro.

I know it's random, just wanted to be friendly and more sociable.

Lovely pfp, btw 😌

You too...person I don't know

I don't know....

But I will hunt them....

68 followers! wtf happened

you have 69 followers

Save the trees. Save those snails. Save the grass. Save the animals.

Use metal straws for coke.

Yes. They do, but not for that reason. Apparently it's cooler. Thank you for being cool.

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