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Asylum Chapter 28
Updated Aug 29, 2019
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So I finally published a new story · 5:37pm April 12th

It's my first attempt at a romance story. And the cover art was done by the amazing Jaestring!

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State Propaganda

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I'm here to say that- your name is very cool! :raritystarry:

So uh, how's the status on that Asylum chapter? Haven't heard from you in a while.

Is Asylum still being worked on? It seems like a really interesting concept I want to start reading it but I want to know that if it’s not going to be completed it would be good to know.

I am not this "Derek", so please stop PMing me. Thank you.

:trollestia: Thank you for the follow! The Filly Armed and Operational BattleStation welcomes you aboard.

  • Viewing 308 - 312 of 312
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