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Asylum Chapter 28
Updated Aug 29, 2019
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Please · 11:35pm Jul 23rd, 2021

Please get vaccinated. That is all.

-Derek (aka DoD)

I might have something to share at the end of the month. Maybe.

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State Propaganda

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Okay. My speech has been corrected as such

I was just pointing out that I can be very persistent. I was not even arguing.
I get that you are tired. Honestly....I completely understand, and it's a sentiment that I am in the midst of as well.
I'm sorry for seeming immature. I apologize for not responding. I am sorry for not knowing what to say. The first message? It was a jest, a joke, a gag. An inappropriate one. And I'm sorry.
I am many things. But unreasonable? I hope not.

It’s obvious you can’t be reasoned with, I’m done with you

  • Viewing 323 - 327 of 327
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