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Asylum Chapter 29
Updated Aug 1
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Night Skies and Butterflies
Updated Aug 1
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Finally (not) in Baltimore! · 10:42pm Aug 11th, 2017

Okay, that joke is getting stale. Anyway, looks like I'm finally settled after my journey to Baltimore. Tomorrow will be my full day at the con - and if I can, I would like to release a chapter tomorrow to in celebration (will have to edit over breakfast). Hopefully I'll be able to stay incognito, since it would probably be easy to guilt me into sharing secrets about the stories to anyone who asked.

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Report Daemon of Decay · 1,101 views · #Bronycon

State Propaganda

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Any updates on Asylum

asylum update when

Howsit going dude?
Eh, you are probably asked quite often about asylum and night butterflies. I do have confidence that you will one day give us both. However it has been a long time since we were graced with updates of either. Rumors of mlp reaching its end in the next few years, it brings a kind of melancholy.
Eh even if you never update them, they remain examples of what pony is somehow able to inspire.

Are you afraid that Flammenwerfer is gonna invade you?

he is. just life is in the way. like all good things >_<

  • Viewing 301 - 305 of 305
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