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  • 18 weeks

    Please get vaccinated. That is all.

    -Derek (aka DoD)

    I might have something to share at the end of the month. Maybe.

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  • 33 weeks
    So I finally published a new story

    It's my first attempt at a romance story. And the cover art was done by the amazing Jaestring!

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  • 84 weeks
    Looking For Editing Help

    Sorry for the bother,

    I was looking for some editing help on my stories, including the next chapter of Asylum, and I was also looking for some feedback on the stories in general to help me nail down some pernicious issues I've been facing.

    Please PM me if you're willing and able to help. And let me offer my thanks ahead of time, because I do appreciate it all!

    Derek (aka DoD)

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  • 111 weeks
    I have a gift for you - the lost Asylumverse planning guide (from 2013!)

    So, years ago I actually started writing out a guide of random but mostly useless information about Asylum and Broadhoof after I received permission from folks to write fan-fiction based on my fan-fiction. It was a humbling but invigorating experience. So in my exuberance, I decided that I should craft something that would help provide the reader a more coherent world for their shared narrative.

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  • 117 weeks

    Okay, I let the Discord Server invite expire. It should be working now at this link. It shouldn't expire this time.


    -Derek (aka DoD)

    PS: Just over 1000 words into the next Asylum chapter. Had to kinda restart it again to make any progress.

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Please · 11:35pm July 23rd

Please get vaccinated. That is all.

-Derek (aka DoD)

I might have something to share at the end of the month. Maybe.

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Comments ( 16 )

Done, and done, DoD.

We've all got both of our shots (Pheizer (sp?)) in this house.

Is something potentially Asylum? UwU

Author Interviewer

Will do man, for the best of all of us.

I did, gratis. Gracias!:pinkiesmile:

Way ahead of you. Got my second one a couple weeks back.

mcfarty #8 · July 24th · · 2 ·


Reese #9 · July 24th · · ·

I hope things are going at least alright for you, and good luck.
(Sorry if this isn't needed; I'm not sure whether the brevity and wording of the blog post was a sign of troubles in your life or not, but I thought it would be better to comment just in case.)

Appointed for the second shot. Long wait though :(

Dustchu #11 · July 25th · · 4 ·

I got my vaccine a while back, was one of the first :rainbowdetermined2:

Also have a follow.

P.S. whoever's downvoting comments, you are a sad bean and you smell of anti-vaxx scum

I got vaxxed back in March/April. Quick and easy. Second shot gave me a pretty rough fever afterward, but compared to the possibility of long-term or permanent damage if I'd caught the actual bug unprotected, yeah I'm fine with it.

Kaisar #13 · July 25th · · 2 ·

Didn't have any issues with either shot. But others in my family got a slight fever. Big whoop. A small price to pay.

Let's see... take my chances with a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate overall (and practically 100% in my age group), and one I've likely already had without realizing it, or take an experimental treatment that is confirmed to destroy natural antibodies and has many reports of causing serious side effects, including miscarriages and deaths?
Yeah, I'll pass. Follow the science: a good idea doesn't require threats, coercion, or bribes.

Is the next chapter of Asylum coming soon

I’ll get vaccinated if you finish Asylum

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