Derpy tries to find the courage to finally ask out the one mare she's always admired for Hearth’s Warming Eve.

It goes as well as expected.

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Excellent new story keep up the good work

Eyyy ! Sweet one mate, good job on the writing work here.

You didn't have to do that to my heart, but I'm glad you did. I love your take on Derpy.

I have a lot of invitations to send out to Twilight’s Totally Small And Intimate Holiday Party Just With Close Friends And Family

There are few more quintessentially Pinkie lines.

Wonderful moment with Best Pony. Nice thematic elements with the terror and promise of change, and of establishing why she feels the way she does about Pinkie. Thank you for it.



And my personal theory is that Pinkie totally knows what was in the letter.

Yay Derpy!

Pinkie knows everything hehe

It's only 1 am Tuesday morning and I already feel that this has been a rough week. Thanks for the story.

Now that's the daemon I remember! Nice work.

Nice way to wake up on the start of my new job....Like this Derpy.

Nice. :)
Sorry I don't have more commentary coming to mind at the moment, given your request, but I did enjoy this; thank you for writing!

Oj you are leaning hard like there was gonna be a part 2 to this. Iis this some kind of ploy to try to get followers. Because that might just work. Well written to the point where it left me wanting more.


Thanks! I don't think I got her right but it was interesting to try and write her.


No, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just hope it did it justice.


Thanks! And Pinkie Pie does seem very astute.

... at times.

I hope things get better!

Glad you enjoyed it Arch!

Glad you enjoyed it at least! :pinkiesmile:

I’m just happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks! We will just have to wait and see.

Ah, good; thanks. :)

The once-blue-but-now-a-very-red stallion pointed a trembling hoof at the trash can. “That was my mother’s urn!”

:rainbowlaugh: Oh noooooo! Poor Derpy! XD


And for anyone checking the comments, this one is worth it. I promise.

Absolutely wonderful writing. Thank you!

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