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Derpy Hooves has lost her long-running job as the mailmare of Ponyville, and it's up to Pinkie Pie to cheer her up. But Derpy is a very special case for the element of laughter, and making her smile again is anything but business as usual.

Image Source: Me! I pretend I can draw.

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Aww, this fic made my day. Thanks so much for writing it. I hope this story becomes featured for you because you deserve it.

Derpy is best pony forever!:derpytongue2:

That's such a sweet thing to say n.n I love the Derpster too, obviously! Thank you for reading. :raritystarry:

You're Welcome :twilightsmile:

I always like reading these types of stories, it makes me happy inside to know that not everyone makes some creepy gore or stupid sex fics. Seeing these are, I guess you could say, a breath of fresh air in fimfiction (not sure if thats the right thing, not good at sayings :P).

This looks good! I'll have to read it tomorrow, though.

why... why would you make such an awesome story and say it " Complete " *sob* WHY?!:raritydespair:

1626990 - Thanks! I understand, i dont get to read all the time myself.

Thank you! I love mushy happy stories myself. Never went for much of the 'downer' type of fiction. Think thats part of why MLP makes me feel so good.

:raritycry: But its -oooooverrrrrr-. From there on out it would just be love scenes and coming out to their friends and stuff.

1627002 This is true, that's why i love MLP a lot. its such a happy thing to see in a world full of corruption. MLP makes me not think of the world.

She dropped muffins. Actually it was muffin mix in the story but whatever, im lazy and cant draw mix.

No, she got fired for dropping an expensive violin, hehe. The picture is just meant to convey the climax scene.

Afraid to read and cry? ;D Dont worry, this is a happy story.

As a fellow sap, I must say I am very satisfied. :twilightsmile:

Thank you! *steals the meme pic* :scootangel:

You say that like it's a bad thing!

Derpy Pie is adorable, even if it's not in my own personal head-canon. :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::pinkiegasp: See? They agree? There must be more!

It looks like Derpy just got two Pinkies there. That'll be possible after tomorrow morning i guess.

hmmm... there's always what i imagine went on in the kitchen. I'm not opposed to writing clop xD

1628513 you should write moar I would totally read it and love it! :twilightsmile:

well Derpy and Pinkie get a happily ever after here, and in this particular instance of ponyville, same-sex relationships aren't looked down upon so they have no problem telling their friends (thats how i actually imagine ponyville would be, but i wont always portray it that way if the story needs the extra drama!) So there's not much to say. Buuuut... maybe i'll exercise my erotica writing on the "missing scene" xD

where's the romance in this fic

Between Derpy and Pinkie. There isn't any described love scene here, although I did make them kiss at the end (NOW KISS!:derpyderp2:)

I think this story may have given me diabetes... :heart::derpytongue2:

Well there was an awful lot of sugar involved.

I never considered Pinky/Derpy before... Hell, any Mane6/Derpy before. This was really cute! :yay:

Thank you :3 I had been thinking to myself "if i hooked up anypony with Pinkie, who would it be?" and Derpy just seemed obvious for some reason. Think it was a mix of the muffin/baker thing and the fact that they're both goofy.

Awwwwww... this was very cute! :twilightsmile:

It has Pinkie, it has Derpy, and it has Mrs. Cake at the end. I like everything this fanfic has. Good job! :pinkiesmile:

why thank you, i love those chars as well :3

I :yay:'d at this pretty hard!

I dawwwwww'd....soooo....haaarrrddd! :derpytongue2::pinkiesmile: derpypie is fav ship!

1759304 - Thank you! I love the ship too. :pinkiehappy:

This is the best Pinkie/Derpy story I've seen. It's the only Pinkie/Derpy story I've seen, but still.

Woah! This ship made me go marshmallow inside. Thanks!

I appreciate it all the same XD thanks so much! I'm actually surprised, it's like the most logical ship ever to me.

TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!! :derpyderp2:

*can't comment, Diabeetus and Heart failure from the d'aaaws*

I highly doubt a violin would get her fired. I mean she crushed Twilight and stayed on as mail pony. I do think that Pinkie and Derpy would be good friends, if not more. Heartwarming.

*deep breath* :yay:. Liked it.

D'awwww, I honestly didn't know anyone else shipped this. Glad I'm not the only one. :pinkiesmile:

That was heartwarming.

There are a lot of things I read where I have to struggle to find positive things to say about a story. I feel like in this case the opposite is true.

I will admit that I am not a big fan of Pinkie Pie, and I could care less about Derpy. For the former, the show's own writers can't even get her right most of the time. For Derpy I just don't share the fandom's obsession with her. So I'd normally be completely disinclined to read this story. Little gems like this story though make the policy of not judging a book by it's cover worth enduring the often miss that I deal with story to story.

Enough about me, and on to the story itself.

This isn't a long story. Normally a fault I can pick out easily for short stories is that they're too short. It's my opinion, though not exclusively so, that ideas have a proper size to them. Getting your word-count to match that proper size is part of the art of the author. A bad Short story leaves the reader at the end saying, "Wait, that's it?" While other stories may drag on and on like a Meatloaf song. Derpy Gets Fired won't do that; the length of the work feels just right. It feels like a part of a much bigger story, but it doesn't leave me feeling unsatisfied.

The grammar, style, and formatting were done well. The story was very easy to read, and nothing jarred me out of immersion.

I usually don't comment on pacing, because it is something of a weak point for me in terms of appreciation. I sort of know it when I see it, and I sort of know it when it is lacking, but I'm not terribly good at explaining it. Perhaps it is what I said above. In any case, this story felt well-paced to me. The initial scene drew me into the story and fed me plenty of detail without being a descripto-dump. Before anything begins to feel like it is dragging on, we're brought to the next part of the story. It never feels rushed, and we get to enjoy the characters and setting the entire time. On to those characters.

Pinkie and her place in the community is probably the best aspect of Pinkie to explore ever. We still get to see subtle hints of her silliness, which would feel wrong to be absent, but those silly things are all too often turned over the top. Pinkie may seem random and frivolous to more serious ponies like Applejack or Twilight, but the secret to writing Pinkie is that she isn't random at all. Things make sense from her perspective. Pinkie may not always be on the same sheet of music as everyone else, but she's following her sheet faithfully. This depiction of Pinkie displays that well. Pinkie's sheet of music is to make those around her happy and smile. Well done.

Derpy is also one of those often poorly written characters. Unlike Pinkie there isn't much in the way of canon to work with to really say what is right or wrong objectively. In this case she's presented believably as an otherwise normal pony who happens to be a bit clumsy. This is, in my opinion, probably also the best way to present this character ever. Most depictions try to explore a handicapped Derpy either as a cheap way to get feels, to make some kind of statement, or to just be offensive. Such is not the case here, where instead the focus is surprisingly well targeted at the real problem. Derpy may have some kind of disability, but it doesn't feel like that is really put to the center of the blame. Derpy laments her limitations as everyone does when they face things like unemployment or setback.

As for the plot, it feels authentic. Derpy gets fired. It's right in the title. She's sad about it, and Pinkie wants to cheer her up. So Pinkie does so. It is a simple idea, but one that is easy to relate to. The romantic aspects of the story are almost casually snuck in. I've read much longer stories with much more elaborate romances, much more direct focus on the fear of rejection, build up to confession, and all sorts of other common tropes yet completely fail to sell the idea that one or both ponies are actually in love. This story sells that. We get to see them clearly in love with each other well before they realize it themselves. Their mutual realization in the kitchen is almost magical.

Pinkie and Derpy interacting with the Cakes was incredibly cute. Again, I've seen so many romance stories drag on about the new couple fearing their friends' reactions to the relationship, and all kinds of tedious and boring awkwardness. In this case we instead get a believable amount of embarrassment, but none of the outright irrational fear that seems popular to pile in. Also, Cuppie is awesome.

Then we come to the ending. Probably one of the most difficult bits of any story for everyone involved. If you write poorly I the reader may not even get to this part. If you write too good a story, I feel saddened that it is over. A good ending should feel like saying goodbye to your friends. You're not happy they're leaving, but you're glad they were together with you leading up to this departure. You're easily able to accept it though. That's what the ending to this story feels like. As I mentioned before, I could see this being the part of a larger story. How does the couple adjust? How does Derpy adjust to being a bakery assistant? How do the other m6 friends of Pinkie react? None of these are especially relevant to the story presented though. It feels complete. Exploring these other ideas might be good as their own stories, but tacking them on to this one would feel like things were dragging on unnecessarily. So I'm OK with saying goodbye to this story. I smiled while it was with me, and will smile at the memory.

I was already shipping DerpyPie before finding this story, but now it is part of my official list of OTP's for the MLPverse right up there with Twixie, Flutterdash and Rarijack. Thank you for this wonderful fic, Also, this.

They were just ... baby muffins. No - egg muffins! Egg McMuffins?

So much this. All my love, one free internet and a cookie for this. :pinkiehappy:

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