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Technical Writer from the U.S.A.'s Deep South. Writes horsewords, and reviews both independently and for Seattle's Angels. New reviews posted every Thursday! Writing Motto: "Go Big or Go Home!"

Public Notices

People keep asking, “Hey, I see you rated my story! Are you going to review it?”

If I read it, I review it.

There are no exceptions.

Review Requests

Rules for Requesting Reviews

Want to request a review? There's no 'correct' way to do it. PM me, comment on my blogs, comment on my user page, it's all good. As soon as I've acknowledged the request I'll go into my Review Schedule and add yours to the queue. Just remember: requests are always first come/first serve, so don't be surprised if you're waiting a few months when my request list has gotten overwhelmed. There are only two rules:

No Clop
Have I read clop? Yes. Do I review clop? No. My reviews are for stories, not blatant fap material.

As a general rule, I avoid reading incomplete stories. I tend to make an exception to requests, but I reserve the right to decline incompletes.

Reading Progress

TBlueblood: Hero of Equestria
Like all heroes, Blueblood will always do the right thing... after he has exhausted every other option.
Raleigh · 419k words  ·  720  26 · 13k views

71.16% (298,261 / 419,164)

TThe Dusk Guard Saga: Hunter/Hunted
An ancient, lost empire is on the verge of returning from its imprisonment, and the Dusk Guard have been dispatched. Their mission? Retake the city, secure it, and above all, keep its ancient ruler from seizing control once more.
Viking ZX · 267k words  ·  145  2 · 911 views

36.56% (97,647 / 267,060)

TMother of the Hives
Forgiveness and love are some of the hardest things to re-earn once cast aside. Doubly so for family.
law abiding pony · 93k words  ·  598  14 · 4.8k views

35.21% (32,653 / 92,730)

Review Schedule and Other Spreadsheets

My Long Term Schedule for stories over 70,000 words in length is currently booked through January 2022. Please keep this in mind when planning to request stories longer than 70k words in length.

The Review Schedule

This schedule lists the stories that are set to be reviewed every week. The next six weeks are always included. I may have more than six scheduled, but only the nearest six will actually be visible at any time.

The Reading Schedule

The day-to-day reading schedule, which dictates what I will read and when. Mostly meant for my own use in limiting how much I read every day, but kept available to the public for the sake of transparency.

Archive Spreadsheet

The archive. Contains a list of every story I've ever reviewed with links to both the story and the review.

A Brief Look Into The Insanely Detailed World That Is Paul's Mind

Read this if you want to see what I go through every Saturday to deliver to you folks a weekly review blog. Be warned, this thing is overbearingly detailed.

Concepts & Creations Index

A while back I started posting blogs detailing stories that I conceived but don't expect to ever write. The link below is to an index of all these blogs.


Paul's Thursday Reviews CCXXXVI · 9:05pm Last Thursday

The time has come, but not for the reasons I anticipated.

As I’ve been setting up my schedules in the last few weeks, some things are becoming increasingly clear to me. My decision last year to make sure there was always a 70k+-word story in these blogs has put me in a position where it’s hard to get all the material I need to read done using my current wordcount limits. I attempted to expand upon those limits slightly, and that seemed to work at first.

Read More

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Aaaaaaaa I'm sorry. The pandemic and economic impact thereof is destroying my normal habits and everyday life. I would really like to finish it but I simply haven't the time lately.

Scheduling coincidence? Riiight. 👀

Yeees, this is your punishment for failing to complete 366 Hours!

But seriously, two at the same time is a scheduling coincidence, nothing more.

Ah, I see you've added two of my stories to your reading list. This frightens intrigues me!


Thanks for the response! Yes, that's quite the selection of interests. I must say, I'm not too partial to horror, but otherwise I enjoy anything that is well written, which is why I follow you. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!

Ah. Ah-ha! I just thought of a big thing for me:


Give me an ambitious idea. I love authors who are willing to go big with their premise.

  • Viewing 745 - 749 of 749
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