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Technical Writer from the U.S.A.'s Deep South. Writes horsewords and reviews. New reviews posted every Thursday! Writing Motto: "Go Big or Go Home!"

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People keep asking, “Hey, I see you rated my story! Are you going to review it?”

If I rate it, I review it.

There are no exceptions.

Review Requests

Rules for Requesting Reviews

Want to request a review? There's no 'correct' way to do it. PM me, comment on my blogs, comment on my user page, it's all good. As soon as I've acknowledged the request I'll go into my Review Schedule and add yours to the queue. Just remember: requests are always first come/first serve, so don't be surprised if you're waiting a few months when my request list has gotten overwhelmed. There are only two rules:

Long Stories

This section is purely for stories with 70,000 words or more.

2022 is fully booked. Any long stories requested won't be released until sometime in 2023.

Updated June 29, 2022: There are only 17 review slots left for the year 2023!

No Clop

Have I read clop? Yes. Do I review clop? No. My reviews are for stories, not blatant fap material.


As a general rule, I avoid reading incomplete stories. I tend to make an exception to requests, but I reserve the right to decline incompletes.

Reading Progress

EThe Enchanted Kingdom
As an ancient alicorn trapped inside a library, Princess Twilight spent many a century dreaming of being rescued from her prison. Now, finding herself in an entirely new Equestria, she realizes she'd never planned for somepony to actually succeed...
Monochromatic · 222k words  ·  2,025  29 · 17k views

76.32% (169,048 / 221,501)

[Adult story embed hidden]

12.57% (67,075 / 533,691)

THeteropaternal Superfecundation
When Sugarcube Corner burns down, Sunburst & Hoops are the last ponies that ought to be affected. But if the past can't be buried again, even Ponyville's model family may be shattered forever.
Thornquill · 94k words  ·  111  5 · 2.1k views

12.16% (11,462 / 94,257)

Review Schedule and Other Spreadsheets

My Long Story schedule is completely booked for 2022. This means that if you want to request a story longer than 70,000 words, you will be waiting until sometime in 2023 for that review. I cannot guarantee it'll be "early" 2023, either. Just something to keep in mind.

The Review Schedule

This schedule lists the stories that are set to be reviewed every week. The next six weeks are always included. I may have more than six scheduled, but only the nearest six will actually be visible at any time.

The Reading Schedule

The day-to-day reading schedule, which dictates what I will read and when. Mostly meant for my own use in limiting how much I read every day, but kept available to the public for the sake of transparency.

Archive Spreadsheet

The archive. Contains a list of every story I've ever reviewed with links to both the story and the review.

A Brief Look Into The Insanely Detailed World That Is Paul's Mind

Read this if you want to see what I go through every Saturday to deliver to you folks a weekly review blog. Be warned, this thing is overbearingly detailed.

Concepts & Creations Index

A while back I started posting blogs detailing stories that I conceived but don't expect to ever write. The link below is to an index of all these blogs.


Paul's Thursday Reviews CCC · 8:56pm Yesterday

Paul sits at his desk, playing a game. He's been at it for two hours. There's only one fight left before he reaches his goal for the day, and it’s an easy one. Just as he's starting the battle, it occurs to him:

Read More

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The rebuttal I want to offer is "I've had plenty of people thank me for negative reviews since I started!" But then I realize that nowadays I probably fit into the category of 'people they have actually heard of'.

That being said, I can understand why people reacted to my old comments negatively. Imagine writing a 200,000 chapter story only to have some guy comment with nitpicking criticism for every. Single. Chapter. I probably wouldn't have taken it so well, either.

Anyone that says they want constructive criticism is usually lying, and in the even they aren't, they only want it from the people in their circle or 'people they have actually heard of'.

That's fair. Chapter by chapter tends to work best when you are dealing with a story as it is being updated. Plus, the fact you leave things as a link means that can opt into reading the criticism or just ignore it if they don't care. It's a great way to deal with unsolicited criticism.

I had opinions, but I found that when I voice them in a chapter-by-chapter manner people tend to get annoyed, particularly if I'm being critical. I concluded that the best way to get my opinion out in a way that people can appreciate is with reviews. As for why I read so much, when I started it was simply because I had a lot of time on my hands. By now it's simply an act of habit.

That's a vast oversimplification, but it'll do for now.

what made you decide to read and review so much in the first place?

  • Viewing 850 - 854 of 854
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