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This story is a sequel to Yaerfaerda

A newly transformed Rainbow Dash continues her flight east.

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Here we go again!
Same ol' shit again!
Marching down the avenue!
Six more books and we'll be through!


Don't hate the player, hate the game. :raritywink:

Here we go again!:rainbowdetermined2: This time, with Twilight! Oh, Dash is going to have one heck of a time explaining this.:twilightblush:

5786287 You are a terrible person. I hope you're happy with yourself.:twilightangry2: EDIT: Never mind, not terrible. You're okay.


Twilight is already amazing. I'm going to try and figure out how to pronounce this with my awesome Norse pronunciation powers and get back to you guys.:pinkiecrazy:


Good luck pronouncing that anytime soon. No more translator Kera

And RD is suffering a bit of "Looking like she Saw a Ghost," eh?

5786828 'Ee-nahn huh-'loo-tuhr. Or 'hloo-tuhr, but the hloo part might be hard to say. But I'm just going to go ahead and say that it's definitely the latter.

5786855 If you can say "flute," you can say "hluut." Same thing, just give it less lip.

5786967 I can say it, but there are some who can't. At least, it felt like something that might be hard to say when I said it to myself.

. . .

Fuck it, it's Urohringr marathon time. 50 chapters in one night? I think so. It's on!

5786716 5786329 Look at us. Look at what they make you give.

That this is still ongoing amazes me! Congrats on the dedication

5787241 Can't wait to have you with us!

5787249 And can you expect any less from SS&E?


5786677 5786287 5786313 5786737 5786812 5786967 5787259 5787283
Hold the fuck up.

A newly transformed Rainbow Dash continues her flight east.

Newly transformed? Oh, shit.
We were so concerned with reading the chapter and commenting that we missed the description. IC has played us for fools.

Oh, come on, I thought we stopped running away from things, and towards them instead, back in Eljunbyro.

I really hope I can stick with it. I have the hardest time sticking with one story because there are so many amazing stories being written or have already been written out there. But I have to say that this is the longest ride I've been on with one series.

5787276 It's definitely worth sticking around for, don't worry.


I wonder how Twilight's going to take it when she finds out that she's dead.

5787274 Don't underestimate the power of running away.

C'mon, cut the bullshit, Rainbow Crash.


5787276 Oh, goodness, yes. Stick around. We'll be waiting.

Ugh, tell me about it. It's fantastic but i've been checking the site once a minute all day.


I'm not even fully prepared for this shit.

At the start I thought that there might have been a gap similar to the start of yaerfaerda, where RD explained everything. Sadly(?), that was not the case and she is running away from Twilight. Poor Twilight. How many chapters will RD be running from her before she can get a word out of her? Find out next time!

5786313 So, Mr. Translator guy...
... what the fuzz does ynanhluutr mean?


For the sake of convenience and perhaps relevance to future titles, I'll just call this one Y2.

Same. Such is our burden as loyal followers.
How do you think we say this? I-naan-loo-tur? I think that sounds the best.

Or at least that she was dead, and is now incorporeal.

Comment posted by N0CTURNE deleted Mar 27th, 2015

I cast my ballot for how NOCTURNE pronounces it. The anh is its own syllable, I don't think it's part of the luutr.

Into; within; from. Purpose.

I like to translate it as "inner purpose." It's rough.

You aren't asking the big questions.
The real thing is, why is Twilight not listed as a character for the tags?

5787374 My pronunciation doesn't mention nahn as part of the hloo-tuhr. Ee-nahn and Hloo-tuhr are separate in pronunciation.

The Five Stages of Grief
1.) Denial and Isolation
2.) Anger
3.) Bargaining
4.) Depression
5.) Acceptance


God, I hope that's why. If she's 'fake'(I mean, dead, yeah, that's what I'm expecting, but not some kind of illusion) i'll be 200% sad.

Twilight doesn't seem to remember her battle with Discord. At the time she attempted to use the Elements, the five of them were no longer Discorded; only Rainbow Dash was at that time. Yet here she is, claiming they were still Discorded. She certainly doesn't remember it going horribly wrong; she assumes they were successful because the world around them isn't in chaos.

The obvious question is, is this really Twilight or is it Dash hallucinating? There is a way for Dash to definitely answer the question: The next time she talks to Luna, have her ask a question only Twilight could answer (putting Celestia on the conference call if needed).

There is a real possibility only Dash can see and hear Twilight. This does not invalidate the test. Even if she has to relay questions and answers to and from Twilight, Dash can provide the correct answer only if Twilight was real. This would also be the only way to convince Luna/Celestia that Twilight has come back if they can't actually hear her.

5787401 I hope so too. I rather think she's real though, for reasons I thought I could put down, but then failed miserably at wording.

So ghosty Twilight is linked to the Element of Loyalty now. So wherever Rainbow goes Twilight is sure to follow. Can't wait to read the huge sob story from Rainbow Dash to Twilight. Judging by the tags Twilight might be fake but then again, IC can always change it in the future.


Twilight remembers the battle, she doesn't remember losing. She specifically mentions giving the pendant to Spike. And really, if you wanted to do the "conference" thing, Spike is as good a character as Celestia to verify. I think he'd appreciate it more, anyway.

*insert .gif about shit starting, or something/someone headed to somewhere for the first time.*

Either way.


Six-word titles?

Are we gonna move back through the pattern now?

Will the next story start with 'U' and have five-word titles?


Is that not the most frustrating thing? I know exactly what you're describing.

I think she's real too, and I believe in it thus;
1. Connection to Yaerfaerda
2. Physical manifestation of lavender light.
3. As someone put forwards at some point, "foal yesterday" could very well relate to the fact that Twilight thinks no time has passed.
4. The Grand Choke Oil Rig had her voice, or at least what might as well be hers.

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