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Imploding Colon



Rainbow Dash flies east.

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this is interesting, although i must say there is a certain lack of plot so far, but it seams like your saving up for something

Seems to be running away. Something to do with Loyalty? Apples and, even though it was just a description, Emerald may imply has something to do with Applejack.

Yeah, I'm gonna stop jumping to conclusions and just follow for now.

Beautiful, but I really hope this goes somewhere soon.

Still beautiful, still don't know what's going on

It's a little sad...

I have resolved to simply accept this as a collection of beautiful moments. Imploding Colon, you are currently writing our fandom's guidebook to beautiful simplicity.

Let's see where this story goes, shall we? It's very exciting so far- definitely something new.

I'm gonna take a wild stab and say she is now in Australia, based on the name...

Beautiful work.
I have the feeling that Dash is trying to challenge Celestia, or the Sun, in some way related to her friends.

This is awesome

That's a strange illness.
"Rainbow Dash didn't need to see to know that the pendant had stopped growing." Is it supposed to be growing, or glowing?

Damn, as a lover of mountains, the imagery in this chapter was like pornography, awesome story so far! :rainbowdetermined2:

I love this, so . . . esoteric, I've read works over 100,000 words long, but this tells so much in so few! Amazing work...

Holy dialogue, Batman!

No idea what is going on. Don't care, intriguing premise, following anyway.

Love it, peaceful and interesting.

I'm liking this story still. The expanded cast of characters seem really quite interesting, and it's a very peaceful, good read. I'm wondering if her "episodes" have anything to do with the reason she's left Equestria. Is this a one-way trip? Is it a journey of leisure or necessity? I'm really enjoying everyone's reactions and interactions, and the mystery behind it all only heightens my interest.

Also, ponies eating meat? A bit weird, but makes sense if they lack food (although, can't they eat the vegetation around them?). They must be the kind that can digest it. Keep up the awesome work.


Agreed, "peaceful" is the best word to describe this story, although "lurking menace" seems to fit as well, i'm lovin this story.

Is that a... a tombstone? or in this case a memorial, considering it's wood.

I assume the element necklace of loyalty is doing something to dash. Something bad. I also assume that Twilight and the rest are in some way inconvenienced, or they'd be helping.

You deliberately skipped the explanation. I am sad.

random inexplicable shipping for the plot!

So Rainbow delayed the stream, or did she redirect it?

Actually, I suppose that's not so important. If they could use that info somehow and make a bridge, it might work well. My question is if there's streams and other water there, why drag it to that town from far away?

blasted cryptic backstories and their frinking mysterious enigmas...


Agreed, the little picture I see doesn't look good though... :rainbowderp:

Every time this story updates, I count down the seconds until I can curl up and re-enter this bleak, haunting journey. It's so vast, so wild, yet without a hint to its purpose... mm. Love.

Giant monster attacking fulltrot!

Interrupting Prismatic Pegasus go!

Ha! Nice action sequence. I like these doses of fiction.

Why do I get the feeling Rainbow Dash is semi-dead?


au contraire, I feel like everyone in Equestria is dead... :rainbowderp:

659139 Possible... but not if Celestia sent her out. Then again, that could just mean the mortals are all dead. Interesting theory.


Completely random but we both have sonic rain-nukes as profile pics.

660664 That is a bit amusing isn't it? I didn't make mine, but I could imagine you making yours.


It wasn't my original idea, but I didn't like the color placement and rearranged it a little, so I only have like 20% of the credit

Lonely Stallion...
Old guy...
Ironhoof getting scolded for surviving being eaten by a hydra...
Sounds par for the course on this weird adventure so far. Tell me more.

Oh no. No no no no no.


I like Rainbow Dash! All because of this story!


incoming backstory bomb! Hit the dirt!

Also, just FYI Imploding, I think the chapter limit is 200, and if you have the story planned way off into the sunset I'd consider either combining chapters or writing longer ones, though I can understand if those options detract from your small chapter theme.

Excellent work BTW... now what is this smog I hear of? It sounds like an obstacle to be sure.

Haha, I love the sageness and humor of the elder, specifically the pointing out of the stereotypes! :rainbowlaugh:

Ugh! One more chapter, please, just one more! I need to know what happened! :rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

I'm so confused. So intoxicated. I loathe to begin, but... might I beg for more? I'll join the legions of selfish bitches and cry out for more! Pretty please?


You're putting off the reveal as long as you can just to spite your readers aren't you? :trixieshiftleft:


He must be, I thought for sure Mr. Exposition was gonna show up finally, maybe by chapter 50 he'll arrive :rainbowlaugh:

I for one invite the mystery.

Let's see what transpires! Onward!

...Don't tell me.

She's a marewolf.

Jeez, every time Rainbow jumps around questions of Equestria, I get more and more curious. Onward with the next chapter! :rainbowkiss:

After what happened, eh? That doesn't bode well.


I find this annoying. What the buck happened to the mane 6?!

It is nice to know that the CMC and the rest of equestria are fine, but where are the mane 6?!
wait a second...
OH please tell me that's not true... please...

Okay, so I know at least RD's exploring/adventuring with the consent and knowledge of the Princesses, or at least with Luna as her patron. For some reason the others of the Mane Six aren't mention, while Spike and the CMC are (with Spike delving into his magical capabilities). Also, the 'episodes' are known and becoming more frequent, and the way she asked about the Element of Loyalty makes me think she has it to keep her alive or something.

Either it's an epic quest to help the others of the Mane Six in some way because of something like the illness or related to it, or it's something RD is doing to soul-search or simply because she wanted to explore. She doesn't seem to have a goal beyond "go east". Alternatively, it's "one last adventure" before the illness kills her. However, there is no sad tag and the way they're talking and RD's acting doesn't make me think anything bad has happened to the others of the Mane Six or that she's going to die.

Also, I'm wondering if this is something you've made up as you went along. I mean, at first, it was tagged as "random" and consisted of only wonderful little snippets, but now it's getting a plot. I wonder if the plot was something you tacked on later or if this was originally supposed to be a snippet thing. I do think you should get rid of the "random" tag, as it doesn't really deserve it any more what with a coherent plot slowly, slowly building itself up.

Hmm, some sort of dimensional rift and a sickness that requires the Element to be staved off? What the hell does RD need to get?

and the condition accelerates...

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