• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Astral's jaw was agape. He stood stock-still in the center of the gigantic, metal domain. The rest of the escapees around him trotted limply about the corridor leading down the center of the impossibly huge interior.

All the while, Rainbow Dash flapped her wings and hovered nonchalantly overhead. “Huh,” she uttered. “Well this place is cozy.” She flew forward. “Let's see what's in this direction.”

“Wait!” Astral hissed at her. He waved his forelimbs wildly. “You can't possibly insist that we trek through this... this... this ancient place!”

“What's so ancient about it?”

“It's buried in the center of a mountain, Miss Dash!” Astral's left eyebrow twitched as he stammered, “There's incredibly huge machinery and pillars made out of metal that escape any record I've ever read! I mean... I mean this could very well be a forgotten wonder of the world!”

“Cool. I wonder if there's anything to eat.”

“Miss Dash!”

“Nnngh—What?!” She glared back at him. “You're really cramping my style here.”


“I wanna check this corridor out,” she pointed ahead of them both. “Maybe we can march through this place.”

“To what end?!” Astral squeaked. “There's no telling what sort of unspeakable danger could be awaiting us!”

“Hey, if you wanna go back the way which we all came—which is nowhere—be my guest!” Rainbow Dash chuckled slightly. “I dunno about you, but I see a road ahead. Sure, it's a cold, dim, freakishly clean road flanked by metal columns—but hey... it's at least a road. Besides...” She smirked slyly. “If there was something so big and bad about this place, how come it opened to my touch?”

“Why DID it open to your touch?”

She shrugged. “I dunno. Magic?”

Astral stirred his hooves atop the glowing seams in the metal floor. “And this light! What could possibly be empowering it?”


“Miss Dash!” Astral frowned. “You cannot explain every phenomenon on earth with 'magic!'”

“Ewww, seriously, bro?” Rainbow Dash gave him a pathetic look. “You're a unicorn; are you even listening to yourself?”

“I mean it!”

“Explaining it all as magic's worked for me throughout the years. I don't question something awesoime when it's given to me.” She turned and looked at the rest of the ponies. “How about you guys?! Wanna go back into the cave of darkness, water, and uncomfortable boat seats?”

There was a loud, resounding “NO!” from the entire group.

“See?” She pointed back at them with a blue hoof. “They're not too freaked out by this place.”

“But... But...”

“Hop along, Astral!” She giggled. “It'll be fun!” She flew smack-dab into a gigantic cog that groaned loudly, spilling dust across the floor. “Owwww... Eh heh. Well, mostly fun. Hey, what does this lever do?”

“Don't!” Astral winced violently.

“Hahahahaha...” Rainbow Dash winked. “You're so easy to mess with. Remember, that horn's on the top of your head and not on the bottom where you sit for a reason. Now relax and stay within sight. I'm gonna have a little look-see.”

“Miss Dash—” He called out with an outstretched hoof.

She flew ahead in a sapphiric blur.

He groaned and fell on his haunches, his voice echoing in the large chamber. “I swear, nature made the brain the lightest part of the pegasus.”

“Yeah, well...” Red Turnip Senior marched past him. “More room for the spirit, eh, buddy?”

“Oooh! Daddy!” Rockspot bounced atop Red's spine as he pointed at the mysterious heights of the gigantic chamber. “It's like a giant music box!”

“I know, kiddo! But let's wait till we're home before we make music.”


Astral sighed as the rest of the ponies marched slowly and curiously past him. “Perhaps this is simply an opportunity to know more about the makings of this world.” As he said this, the door that led them inside closed automatically with a thunderous clap. He bit his lip, sweated, and galloped swiftly to catch up with the group.

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