• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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“Rainbowwwww Dassssssh!” Gold Petals squealed as the two of them bulleted through the mouth of the Windthrow mineshaft.

“I know my name's awesome and all,” Rainbow said in mid flight, “But you do stand to wear it out at this rate.”

“Please be careful!” She exclaimed. “They're gaining on us!”

“Nonsense! I have those monsters beat—” Rainbow Dash looked behind them. “Oh! Hey! They are gaining on us! Cool!”

“How is that even possibly, remotely cool—Dah!” Gold Petals gasped as the two stopped at the mine's metal elevator. “Quick! Where are the controls of this thing?”

“Screw controls!” Rainbow Dash said. As the leather monsters filled the tunnel and gave the air a resonating hum, she growled and kicked a metal grate in the suspended platform loose. “We're going this pegasus style!”

“Have you noticed that I'm an earth pony?!” Gold Petals frowned.

“Ohhhh yeah.” Rainbow Dash grabbed her. “Next stop, center of the earth!”

Gold Petals held her breath and held the two chaos strips even harder. She clenched her eyes shut as Rainbow yanked the two of them through the hole in the elevator before soaring straight down the grand vertical shaft. The cables to the elevator wobbled around them from the monsters banging and squeezing their way through the platform above. Soon, the chaotic monstrocities were joining the plummet, gaining distance by the second.

“Whew!” Rainbow whistled as she barreled into the blackness below. Her voice echoed all around the blurring walls. “And to think that this sort of crap used to give me a nose bleed!”

“Mmmmm,” Gold Petals merely whimpered.

“Might wanna hold on tight.”

“Huh?” Gold Petals' eyes opened, then twitched as the two evened out and started darting left and right through a maze of deeply carved tunnels. She shifted in Rainbow's grip, the top of her head sliding back and forth across the polished pendant. “Aaaah! Whoah! Yeesh! My Goddess!”

“Any sign of them?!”

“You think I have eyes in the back of my tail?!” Gold Petals exclaimed. Then, through her peripheral vision, she saw several leathery shadows in the torchlight of the subterranean tunnels. “Uhhhh. Go faster. Please... Pleeeeeease go faster!”

“I would love to,” Rainbow Dash grunted, sweating, struggling to navigate the myriad of chambers soaring past them. “But this isn't exactly the open skies!”

“Do you even remember the path you need to take to get to that structure-thingy?!”

“Uhhhh...” Rainbow Dash squinted. Before her vision, a horizontal tornado of lavender shades was threading its way through the labyrinth. “I guess you could say that.”

“What the heck is that supposed to mean—”

A monster pounced on Rainbow Dash from behind.

“Gaaah!” Rainbow Slammed into a wall as the creature shrieked and stabbed its spiderly limbs into her back. “Nnnngh-Whoah!” Rainbow Dash skidded into a wall on the left, tumbled to the ground, and let go of Gold Petals.

Gold Petals rolled achingly into the side of an ore cart.

Rainbow Dash, in the meantime, flew straight into a pile of loose gravel. The monster sailed in after her, and the two were silenced under the mountain of debris.

Panting, Gold Petals sat up in the dancing glow of a torchlamp. “R-Rainbow?!” she squeaked, clutching the two shimmering strips to her chest. “Wh-where did you go?!” The wind kicked up underground. She looked over her shoulder and gasped.

A drooling wall of razor-toothed creatures converged on her.

“Raaaugh!” Rainbow Dash burst out of the mound of gravel with an uppercut to her leathery attacker. She flew up, kicked off the wall, and blurred across the tunnel. In a sapphire streak, she impacted the wall of abominations with all four hooves, slamming and kicking them repeatedly. “Nnnnngh! Why couldn't the stupid strips have summoned a bunch of bunny rabbits instead?!”

“Rainbow, there're more of them coming!”

“Haaaugh!” Rainbow spun and whipped her tail-hairs across four of them at once. As the monsters stumbled in a cluster of dizzied limbs, she swooped down, grabbed Gold Petals again, and resumed chasing the lavender light source in her vision. “Whew! Intermission's over! Heh... You still got the chaos strips, right?”

Gold Petals frowned. “I'm fine! Thank you! Now we need to—Eeep!”

Rainbow Dash was diving down as the mineshafts winded its way into the deeper chambers. In less than ten seconds, the monsters were collecting at her and Gold Petals' rear once more. They swerved left, skimmed the top of Sladesteed's work benches, and threaded their way into a large cavern.

“How far is it?!” Gold Petals exclaimed.

Rainbow Dash's teeth gnashed against the frictious air. “We're almost there! I can see the winding tunnel up ahead—” A monster perched on her back. “Augh! Dang it all!”

“R-Rainbow!” Gold Petals shrieked as a monster perched on her as well. “I-I can't fight it off!”

“Tell me about it!” Rainbow growled as a third latched onto them both. She thrashed her neck and swerved left and right in mid-air to avoid the creatures' chomping mouths. Finally, she shouted, “Hold on!”

“What are you about to—Oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez—!”

The reason for Gold Petals' exclamations was that Rainbow was spinning the two of them in neverending barrel rolls. They twirled faster and faster just as they came colliding with the mouth of the tunnel. The world blurred as everything turned into a cacophony of screams...

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