• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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“Well, there's the grand city of Verdestone, of course,” Cherrymane said that evening in the Ridgeside town courtyard. Starry night had fallen over the plains of Emeraldine, and only a select few equines were left hanging around Rainbow Dash. Many of the rest—exhausted by the sheer charisma of their guest—had already retired for the night, hopeful to wake up early the next morning and hear even more stories from the colorful traveler. “It's the capital city of Emeraldine,” Cherrymane continued. “Then, east of that, you have the kingdom of Darkstine, our province's biggest trade partner.”

“Whaddya trade?” Rainbow Dash said in between mouthfuls of delicious fruit. “These scrumptious peaches? Mmmfff... Good stuff...”

Brisk Run chuckled as he leaned against a nearby fence. “Emeraldine is primarily agricultural, as is the Moonshade peninsula to the south. Darkstine is home to unicorns who are all about industry and engineering marvels of machinery. They depend on us for bountiful harvests, and we depend on them for... for...” Brisk Run made a face and gazed aside. “Just what the heck do we need them for?”

“A laugh, from time to time,” Grassy Fields said.

Cherrymane giggled. “Yes. Darkstinians are always so serious. It's like their horns are nailing a huge weight of self-importance to their skulls. I don't suppose you know what that's like, Miss Dash.”

“Oh... I can imagine...” Rainbow Dash said with a wink, swallowed the rest of the peach whole, and gulped it down her equine throat. “Hmmpfh... And just what's beyond that? Darkstine, that is?”

“Well...” Cherrymane ran a hoof through her hair in the cool night breeze. “It's hard to say. You see, most of us live here all our lives. I could tell you what's way south of us or what lies to the north, but the lands beyond Darkstine just don't concern us that much.”

“How convenient,” Rainbow Dash said with a smirk. “Well, if you could share your delicious fruit with the rest of the world, you'd have ponies from every continent coming here just to have a bite.”

“Heheh... It's worth it just to see more incredible pegasi like you!” Grassy said.

“Grassy...” Cherrymane grumbled.

“What? I'm just being honest! So shoot me!”

“Invite some Darkstinians over for target practice and we just might arrange that,” Brisk Run said.

Rainbow Dash shuddered. “Okaaaaay... I'll... uh... keep that in mind?”

“Are you really planning on travelling there?” Cherrymane asked.


“Past the capital city? Past Darkstine? Past the lands beyond?”


“Why such a long journey?” Cherrymane asked. “I mean, you're far enough from home as it is. Sooner than later, you'll reach the edge of the world!”

“Then it'll be the world's fault for giving up beneath me.” Rainbow Dash said, cracking her joints and blinking a pair of tired eyes. “Whew. Seriously, though, none of you guys know about any places east of Darkstine?”

“Well...” Grassy Fields scratched his chin in thought.

Brisk Run spoke up. “There's the Grand Choke, of course.” He blinked nervously. “Everypony knows that.”

“Lemme guess...” Rainbow Dash gazed at him. “And the 'Great Sea' rests just beyond it?”

“Why... Yes!” Brisk Run grinned. “You've talked to other ponies about it, I imagine?”

“Let's just say that when I show up, ponies can't help but talk about the end of all things.”




Grassy Fields smiled wide. “You're gonna be here for a few days? Please say you will be!”

“We must introduce you to the mayor!” Cherrymane said with a wide grin. “She's always wanted to play diplomat with other pony species!”

“Hey, hey... I know I'm practically glittering with awesome—but one thing at a time, huh?” Rainbow Dash winked at them. “Isn't there a roof somewhere I should be painting?”

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