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Reader and writer of all things shipping and Rainbow Dash. Also, AppleDash will forever be the ultimate ship.

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Loyalty · 7:55pm Nov 30th, 2014

This is a little overdue, but I have of course finally posted Loyalty, the sequel to A Gentledrake and His Lady. I've been slowly working on this for a long time, every now and again adding a couple of sentences or a paragraph. I'm going to try not to take quite as long with the second chapter, which I'm not very far through.

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"Also, AppleDash will forever be the ultimate ship."
That's a pretty dumb way of spelling "PinkDash".

Thank you very much for granting 'All That Glitters' with a favorite! :raritystarry::heart:

Once again, you're welcome. :ajsmug:

Thank you for the favorite, again! haha :rainbowlaugh::heart:

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